TV Dinner American Idol Live-Chat Plus Win $50 Walmart Gift Card

Do you watch American Idol? I personally love Idol! It’s great to watch how each contestant will interpret their songs plus how they manage to evolve talent and fashion-wise every week. If you’re an Idol fan like me and has an iPad, I have a great news for you because I discovered a new platform on how we can share each other’s opinion on American Idol episode.

TV Dinner is a Free iPad application, that transforms television viewing into a fun and engaging social experience. With this app we can experience our favorite shows as “live” events and share it with friends and fellow tv fans.

Right now they have an exclusive live-chat for us fans of American Idol. Watch and discuss the show in real-time with previous contestants Karen Rodriguez and Aaron Kelly every Wednesday at 8pm ET (7pm CT).

I’ll be joining this event myself tonight 4/11 8pm ET so invite all Madame Deals readers to join and get exclusive insider commentary, ask questions and invite friends from near and far for an interactive experience that puts the red-carpet in the palm of your hand. Click here to join this event.

Join Me Tonight at TV Dinner’s Live Chat

You Can Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card!

Here are the rules:
1. IMPORTANT >>>>>Click here and signup to join this event
2. Play TV Dinner from start to finish during American Idol tonight 4/11 (Wednesday) 8pm ET or 7pm CT.
3. You must be based in the U.S. and located in ET or CT as TV Dinner is ET and CT only

Encourage others to join us:

Tweet: Live-chat during @AmericanIdol Weds @ 8pm ET w/ @ krodriguezai10 & @aaronkellyai09 using @playTVDinner – signup now @

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