Tuesday's Tip

Get organized. The easiest way to save money is to get organized. I am working toward this goal. This weekend I bought apple juice; 3 of them. I went to put the apple juice in their optimal location and there sat 2 apple juice bottles. I now have a stockpile of apple juice, which isn’t that awful. However, I spent $5 out of my $100.00 budget on something we didn’t need right now.

So how am I going to avoid this in the future? I am going to stick with my list. I place my Madame Deals list on my refrigerator with my vis a vis marker and I use it for my grocery items. I am now going to add all of my needed items to the list. This way I will not buy things I do not need.

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Others have tried to make their own and spent more and they didn’t even have all the components. Start saving by spending less on your system.

How do you stay organized?

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