Tuesday Tips: Salvage an iPod, Cleaning Frugally & Moist Cookies


Last week, we were talking about some of the preparations I did for the change of season and looking forward to the holidays. That got me thinking about a quick tip I use not only when I am baking, but when I am working with raw meat as well. It seems to me, that folks like to call me on the telephone when my hands are all messed up with something on them. So, to solve that problem, if I know I will be putting my hands in a project (food/baking/ etc) I slip my cordless phone into a sandwich bag and then, when I need to answer the phone – or even dial it – then I don’t get the phone dirty. When finished, I discard the bag and put the phone back in it’s cradle. If yours has an antenna that sticks up from the top, then simply make a slot for that go to through, or place the phone in the bag such that the antenna is up where the closure of the bag would zip together.

Another handy tip that I use to try to stretch my dollars and cents is to use an old rag to mop my floor. What I mean is, that I have the mop portion of a $wiffer $weeping tool and instead of purchasing their pre-moistened towels, I make my own by using an old rag, cleaning solution of my choice (and those who have followed me, know that is usually vinegar and water) and clean the mess. The mop top has indentation that lock their sweeping cloth into place, and this also works to hold on to the cloth that I use and it’s at a fraction of the price. When I am finished cleaning, I simply throw the cleaning rag in the washer, dry, and put away for the next time.

Lastly, this GREAT idea came from a friend of a friend. My friend, “KG” really enjoyed using her iPod to listen to music while walking for exercise, sadly, it got left in the pocket of her sweatshirt and went through the washer. KG’s friend, KC, mentioned a way to possibly salvage her iPod was to put it in a container filled with rice for three days and that might dry things out.Well, it worked! Now, I am sure that is not what the @pple people would have recommended, as they would love for her to purchase a new iPod – BUT, in an effort to save some money KG tried it and it worked (because what did she have to lose!) and here’s why – the rice absorbed the moisture very similarly to the way you would put rice into salt shakers so as to prevent clumping of the salt.

This tip reminded me of one last one (really) and that is if you have a container of cookies that has gotten hard/ extra crunchy, due to storage, and you would prefer to have them more moist…try placing a slice of bread (fresh, and flavor of your choosing) overnight and the moisture will be restored. This works for the opposite reason as the salt. The cookies pick up the moisture from the bread. In the morning, you will find moist cookies and dried bread!

As always, if you have some quick tips you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment or send them to Madame Deals – we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Connie Alexander says

    The “slice of bread trick” also works in a container of brown sugar. Just stick in a slice of bread, and your brown sugar won’t clump.

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