Tuesday Tip: Organize your Car Repair Receipts

This weekend, much to my surprise, my car wouldn’t start. Great! Now what? My husband was traveling. So I skyped him to find out how to jump my car. We have one of those jump boxes, $43.00 at Walmart. Great to have in case you need a power source or need to jump your car. We got the car started but then I had to put the kids to bed instead of driving it around. Big mistake! It wouldn’t start again the next morning. I jumped it again and off to Sears I went. I knew I bought my battery from Sears. However, they couldn’t locate my car in the system. Luckily, I have all my car repair receipts in a file folder located in my trunk. I pulled out the invoice which had my husband’s name on it spelled incorrectly. Voila, the battery was still under warranty. Amount saved $159.63 between the battery and labor!


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