Tuesday Tip: Do what you love

I have been thinking lately that I am very lucky. I do what I love. I have several jobs, each job speaks to a different part of my personality. I am a stay at home mom because I love my kids and it is something we planned for financially. I am a business co-owner running a website that helps people grow and learn. I am a therapist for a child who has some special needs and I am able to help him learn new skills which helps to fill the void left by not teaching. I love to learn, work with people, teach, and make a difference. This is a time when the economy has taken hold of all of our pocketbooks so if you find yourself wondering what if… find something you love and do it! I will always invest in myself by furthering my education, expanding my resume, or investing time and money in our company. I believe in myself and I believe all of you can do what you love and make it work. IT will take a lot of hard work but if you commit to doing something it can be done.

Need additional inspiration Click on this Article HERE

Good Luck!


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  1. says

    Hi. Great advice! And something most people need to hear every once in a while.
    I thought I might pass along a story I think you might get something out of. It’s of Danny and how he had a job where he made good money but just wasn’t happy. He quit to follow his dream to play music full-time and now couldn’t be happier.
    I hope you find it as inspirational as I do. Check out his video at the link below and if you like it give him your vote.


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