Tuesday Tip: Buy it now with Holiday wrapping

I am very excited because I have a beauty product problem and beauty products are on sale now! I am sure they have treatment for this. Since I get most of it for free, or nearly free, it is not a big problem.

The tip I have is look for your favorite products that may be wrapped in holiday wrapping. It is most likely 50% off. I bought Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner for $8.00 total because it had a holiday box. It is usually $13.00 a bottle or more so around $26.00. This tip extends to your favorite snacks, gift items, and cooking tools.


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  1. madamedeals says

    Although I am not sure where Amee found the Paul Mitchell, I can tell you that most stores have items on holiday clearance. Even grocery stores have holiday themed ziploc bags and food items on clearance! Every store I go to, I always check the clearance section. You never know what you will find! I believe Rite Aid has their Christmas stuff 75% off now. When I was there the other day there was a TON of stuff- toys, bath sets, gifts. I was able to get my nephew his birthday present (Transformers set) for 50% off!

    Just jeep looking! Once you do it enough, you will know what isles in each store are the best to hit, the cycle of clearance items and the best post holiday stores to go to.

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