Toys R Us K’NEX Roller Coaster

K’NEX Fans will love the thrills from this K’NEX Roller Coaster
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This Toys ‘R Us K’NEX Roller Coaster will be the perfect addition to every K’NEX fan’s collection. 

I was recently selected to review 7 sets of K’NEX available exclusively at Toys R Us this holiday season. I was super excited about this opportunity because my daughter and son love to build things. I love K’NEX because they help my children work on valuable skills such as concentration, dedication and organization. 

K’NEX has created several Roller Coaster Building sets over the years and they provide hours of entertainment when building and also after as the cars rip down the track. The  Typhoon Frenzy™ Roller Coaster Building Set offers the same thrills and your K’NEX fans will want to give this new set a try.

The Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster Building Set comes with 640 pieces that create over 19 feet of swooping and winding track. The motor component of the K’NEX roller coaster sends the silver ride car on a rocking and rolling adventure. The best feature of this set is you can download exclusive instructions that show you how to build a completely different K’NEX roller coaster.

My children were happy to preview and explore this great K”NEX set and the other sets we received but have decided that their closets are full of enough toys. Instead of adding it to their toy chests, they will be donating this set along with other toys we have reviewed for the holidays to a local shelter. At Madame Deals we believe in the mission to “Pay It Forward” and are thrilled that we are blessed to be able to do so.  Our hope is they will enjoy this fun and unique K’NEX roller coaster as much as we did.

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