Top 5 Crazy Amazon Finds


Crazy Amazon Finds for the Hard to Buy For on Your List

crazy amazon finds

Sometimes it is just fun to browse Amazon and see what kind of crazy things you can find.

Crazy Amazon Finds

$100,000,000.00 Motorola Walkie Talkies

Because the ones that cost $50 are just not good enough or you have nothing better to do with your money.


How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You 

You need to know this so you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the catnip.

Cat Book

Super Blonde Mullet Wig 

Perfect to wear to your Christmas Party or other special event when your hair just won’t lay right.

mullet wig

Naughty Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Guaranteed to win #1st place in the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.


$999,999.00 ID Glide Lubricant 

For this price it better be an endless bottle or fun!


 I have narrowed it down to these top 5 crazy Amazon finds and invite you to share yours in the comments below.

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  1. Lol funny the last few go together. Wonder if the Walkie talkies are used by the vice squad to bust Santa for bring naughty.

  2. I love the mullet! reminds me of joe dirt.. and my uncle! LOL I’m not sure which one rocks it best! But either way its business up front and party in the back!! which a mullet is always best for head banging!

  3. lol I love the wig come on You know all us ladies are secretly dreaming of Billy Ray Cyrus! Wonder if Twerking lesson’s come with the wig :-p

  4. Could use the cat book since my neighbors cats seem to hate me. They are always in my garden digging things up and then just stare at me when I try to scare them away. I seriously wonder if anyone actually bought any of these items ? They probably got someone who just wanted to see what they would receive.

  5. Don’t laugh at the second one …until I bought that book I thought my cat was normal….but now I know….he’s most definitelY…the most amazing cat in the world….*whispers* please help…he’s watching me now….

  6. $100,000,000.00 Motorola Walkie Talkies would be fun to run around and play with in Wal Mart … After buying these you not be able to do any real shopping 🙂

  7. Imagine the guy who wears the mullet wig while hes wearing the naughty santa sweater with the Glide lubricant in his back pocket?? BAHAHHA

    • My thought exactly lol That was so funny when I read your reply cause I was thinking the same thing lol Merry Christmas

  8. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You … Dont really think anyone would need a book for that 🙂 The depth of their claw marks on your back should be able to determine that…lol

  9. Some of the stuff on Amazon is crazier than even these things. I actually want the cat book for my sister, she wants to be a vet tech and loves cats.

  10. Mrs. Claus won’t be too impressed with Mr. Claus’s North Pole might be South with how cold it is. Maybe next year Santa!

  11. Man, I am so glad that cat book is available, I have been getting woken up at night by little paws under my door trying to get in, and now I finally know why!!

  12. How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you? Well, you bought the book and it disappeared. Now every time you walk by the litter box, Kitty Boo Boo hisses at youl

  13. I just read this on the reviews for the lube “WOW-EE!!! Nothing makes entering the backdoor classy like ID Glide Lubricant! No more po’ folk touch for this high class dame!”

    …….at least she got Free Shipping.

  14. My cat wants to kill me Im pretty positive. She is alil on the Bleeptchy side. She lets ya know with the fire in her eyes when shes mad at you. She sets looking in the window like ya better come open that door now lady

  15. I would be perfectly content receiving that book for Christmas!
    I love The Oatmeal’s comics so much I’d probably use the Amazon code to buy the book.

  16. Maybe all these things are linked? You could figure out if your cat is trying to kill you… by listening to the cat decoder walkie talkies while being incognito in your ugly sweater and hill billy wig. Finally you will catch your cat in the act after they slip in lube and into a trap…………… ALL for the small price of $100,000,000,000,000,000…

    Money is no object to know if your cat secretly hates you.

  17. Wow! I’ve seen it all!! Walkie talkies going for that much??!! Better be able to reach God so I can ask Him a few questions!

  18. $100,000,000.00 Motorola Walkie Talkies
    Because the ones that cost $50 are just not good enough or you have nothing better to do with your money. for that much money they better walk and carry you!!!lol

  19. It’s the “Are you there, God, It’s Me, Margaret” walkie talkies, guaranteed to put you in touch with the big man upstairs!

  20. Can ya hear me now? This cat is trying to kill me and hes wearing a mullet and that ugly tight sweater your momma got you. Im scared cause I had to use the Glide to try and get him out of it

  21. There is only one way to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you….he/she is a cat. They are the serial killers of the animal kingdom.

  22. For that price that lube better make me scream its name (repeatedly),bring home the bacon,fry it up in the pan, wash the dishes,put them away,take the kids to school,pick them up,and still be gorgeous and ready at ALL times! :p

  23. I can say firsthand that the mullet is the norm in Missouri. You could wear this wig to Bass Pro and fit right in- wig + overalls!!

  24. I’m sorry to bring this up again, but here is the definition of MULLET from Wikipedia:

    The mullet fish basically has no neck, and a fish rots from the neck down, so that may be where the slang derives from, especially since most human Mullet Heads achieve this same effect via excessive hair and musculature.

    Mullets were sported by rock stars David Bowie and Paul McCartney as far back as the early 1970s.

  25. A lonely, rich woman could WALKIE TALKIE her ‘man’ to come over in the lovely GREEN SWEATER + the MULLET WIG for a little fun
    discussing the KILLER CAT BOOK and then GLIDE into some other adventures. What a night that would be!

  26. I see this post as a story like the pick an adventure books…. “How you doooing” (Joey from friends voice) says the super blond mullet man on his 100 Million dollar walkie talkie to the krazy lady with 10 cats reading the book “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You”. She hands him the amazon package of a Naughty Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater. Mullet man takes it out of context and busts out the ID glide and she slaps him so hard it knocks off his wig. HAHA!

  27. I want to know if the people who sell the higher priced items (walkie-talkies and lube) actually think anyone will buy them.I guess if they even sell them once they are pretty much set though, so the heck with it right? The cat book? Well, I have cats (have been called a ‘crazy cat lady’ by my kids) and I can tell you if a cat is looking at you, it’s plotting to kill you. LOL. Why do you think I’m the one that feeds them? Job Security! We don’t need the mullet wig since my husband has a tendency of growing his hair out and getting it cut in a mullet. It’s not blonde, but that’s ok. He also has a t-shirt that puts that sweater all to shame. This is just life on the farm

  28. Oh, did I mention I loooove Amazon? It is where I do so much of my Christmas shopping! Definitely need some of these sweet deals though:)

  29. I love the comments on the walkie talkies! A guys gave up his home and his wife to get these and he is thinking of saving up more money to buy more…lol!

  30. i couldn’t believe the price when i first saw the walkie talkies (found the link through your facebook post first)…all that came to mind was WHAT!?!

  31. i followed your facebook post to your blog i found this post – then i saw the lube – wow! i shared it with my hubby wonder if i’ll get it for christmas lol.

    • Seriously expensive lube batman! I mean really. . .I thought you weren’t supposed to pay for sex. . . That is seriously paying!

  32. Well, if you get a walkie-talkie message from your cat that your husband is sporting a macho mullet and wearing a stylish sweater, you just might need that glide lubricant *wink*

  33. I am loving the HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CAT IS PLOTTING TO KILL YOU book….I am so not a cat person and the reason why is my best friend growing up had a cat that would attack you for no reason at all!! I mean full on vicious crazy attack and then walk away like nothing happened!!! LOL!!

  34. That guy wearing the naughty santa ugly christmas sweater is grinning like he gets spanked like that every night at home…LOL!!!

  35. Now that I bought a couple of sets of walkie talkies at such a good price, I don’t think I can afford anymore Christmas presents….So I guess 1 Walkie per person. To bad we don’t live in the same state.

  36. Well! As sexy as it would be to combine numbers three, four, and five, my love life seems more adaptable to number one because of a mixture of number two and numbers six and seven (my kids – not available on Amazon) (yet). We’re never even in the same room, so walkie talkies would be perfect.

  37. How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you? I remember the time i tried to stuff (I didn’t really mean stuff but, put) my cat in the cat carrier and she didn’t want to get in…I didn’t know cats could spread their four legs & many nails in so many different directions. We had it out that day (no harm to the animal or me) I held her up to my face and we just stared at each other. I was so mad…I said not to quietly I hate you. I don’t really hate her but, boy can she get on my nerves. I don’t know what I would do without her…REALLY!

  38. wow i guess whoever would spend the money on these products dont have anything better to do so why do they need the lubricant their wife will probably kick them out after spending that much money on it, and if they bought that wig to oh boy then one would begin to wonder if theres something they are not telling us!!

  39. how to tell if your cat is trying to kill you, well just dont get on their bad side:) and maybe your kitty will still love you….ha ha, my uncle had an evil cat and anytime you would walk past the cat he would hiss at me, bite , and claw me…oh boy i think he was out to kill me:)

  40. Just picturing a guy wearing the sweater,and Mullet..trying to hold one of the $100,000,000.00 walkie talkies in one hand and reading the book “How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You” in the other, after getting the lube all over his hands while empty Amazon boxes surrounding him…

  41. Do you ever see your cat look at something behind you? Did you turn around and look? There’s nothing there but, you still think they see something behind you. Freaky ghost whisperer’s they are. There probably playing games & saying to the other cat…I bet I can get her to turn around and look.

  42. Its insane is it really listed for that much the lube damn well better work for that price lmao! crazy crazy ty for the laugh

  43. So wish I had the cat book about them creeping b4 my cats passed away! Would of purchased for sure oh wouldof looked for it a kindle. LOL!

  44. How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. Now I totally need to read this. How would I know if I don’t read this book? I can’t sleep tonight until I get this book! It better come fast! 🙂

  45. My daughter just looked over my shoulder and asked me for the $100,000,000 walkie talkies. She wants to be able to talk from the east coast to the west coast!

  46. I need that Christmas sweater for our Christmas grab bag. One gift makes it back into the grab bag every Christmas. One ugly gift. haha

  47. I would definitely pay $100m for yellow walkie talkies. I have been looking everywhere. I see black, grey, blue, but never yellow!!!

  48. The $100,000,000.00 Motorola Walkie Talkies are the perfect gift for us with tweens and teens in the house, no more screaming when they say “What?” through the house, and now magically you can talk through doors!

  49. the inner Redneck in me just wants to buy the mullet wig. If my husband wore it, I just might have to buy an enormous amount of money for the lubricant. lol. Fun stuff but can’t believe people would really buy some of those things.

  50. The Super Blonde Mullet Wig has a some good uses… How to blend in at a country fair, keeps your head warm in winter, and my favorite no more shaving your armpits just braid those golden wig locks to your armpit hair and start a new style!!!

  51. You mean to tell me that I’ve spent 6 months trying to grow my hair into the perfect mullet and here I could have just bought a mullet wig on Amazon?! Who knew?!!!

  52. John J and Rich were talking yesterday about what billionaires get other billionaires for Christmas. They should look at getting some expensive lube put on their lists. Lol.

  53. Funniest thing when my husband and I started dating we were playing scattergories. My husband was drawing pictures and I was supposed to be guessing. He starts drawing a bowl then filling it with cherries. I finally start looking at the other players drawings and we guess mullet. I turn to him and am like what the heck does a bowl of cherries have to do with a mullet. He had no idea what a mullet was so he said he just guessed.

  54. the ugliest shirt, I agree but can see so many people I know wearing that shirt with the saying “” santa has to learn to share his cookies with mrs santa

  55. yeah, cats are scary! they’re always looking at you crazy like… giving you the evil eye! they pretend to be asleep, but they’re just waiting for you to sleep…. then THAT’S when they skulk around, looking for the chance……