Top 5 Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids

Top 5 Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids

My children love arts and crafts and many times trying to find fun and unique things for them is a challenge. I have created a Top 5 Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids list to highlight some new and fun ways for your kids to DIY. Each of these crafts are kid friendly and will make  you want to join in with them.

Make Your Own Snow Globe – This is a project for both kids and  adults alike.  The Make Your Own Snow Glob kit comes with everything you need to make a complete Snow Globe, minus the water. This kit will bring out your child’s creative skills and allow them to feel good about making something themselves.

DIY Candy Maze Kit –This DIY kit includes everything they will need to build, decorate and enjoy their own Candy Maze. They will take great pride in their work each time they  help themselves to a tasty treat.

Design Your Own Superhero Cape – Every child wants to be a superhero and now they can make their own unique cape. The kit comes with a plain cape and everything needed to customize it glue, glitter, scissors and felt.

Birdseed Snack Bar Kit – Create a snack bar for the birds in your yard with this kit that includes pre-cut wood pieces ready for assembly. The kit also contains 6 paint colors so you can customize the Birdseed Snack Bar to your liking. It is also durable enough to be mounted aside.

Design Your Own Block Puzzle – Kids can design and paint 6 unique images (one on each face of the block) to create 6 fun puzzles. This works well for up to 6 children as well because you can have each child create 1 unique image. The fun keeps going as you try to put the blocks together to form the correct image. The kit contains wooden blocks, acrylic paints, colored pencils, paint brushes, template, and instructions.

Each of these gift ideas is available at Imagine Toys. Imagine Toys offers unique toys that you won’t find at your local department or toy store.  To view the other great toys available at Imagine Toys go HERE!!


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