Top 10 Gift Ideas for Teachers

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Teachers

Gift Ideas

Teachers spend so much of their time dedicated to our children and we want to make sure that the gift they receive spreads the holiday cheer. I have many teacher friends and each year they receive numerous coffee mugs and reusable cups. So I have created a list of top 10 Gift Ideas for Teachers

 Every teacher will love these Gift Ideas

Gift Basket with their favorite Coffee, Tea, Soda, or Beverage

Collection of their favorite Snacks or Desserts

Gift Certificates to Restaurants or Fast Food Establishments

Gas Card

Fancy and Decorative Supplies (Fancy Sharpies, Post It Notes, Note Cards)

Amazon Gift Card


Fuzzy Socks or Slippers

Gift Card to Movie Theatre

Car Wash Coupons

 What are your favorite gift ideas for teachers? Share them with us below. 


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  1. Diane Murray says

    I have teacher friends who have quite a collection of coffee mugs, things that have “teacher” sayings on them, and things that are apple related (“an apple for the teacher”). Usually, throughout the year, they spend their own money to buy things for their classrooms. I think gift cards are GREAT! A gift card for any of the following: a massage or spa service, a manicure, Barnes & Noble, a nice dinner out. Once I purchase a Chick Fil A calendar with coupons b/c the calendar supported some charity or other, and the teacher got some free food items and a cool calendar. Get your child to make them a coupon book, and have a “breakfast of the month” theme…each month you can take a couple of muffins, danish, biscuits, etc….

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