Tooth Fairy Certificate for Free

 Commemorate your child’s Tooth Fairy visits with this Free Tooth Fairy Certificate

tooth fairy certificate

The Free Tooth Fairy Certificate is offered by Smilebox. The Free Tooth Fairy Certificate can be created with a blue, pink or gray background. You get to enter in all the important details like which tooth was lost, how it was lost, what the tooth fairy left in its place, and it even has a spot to include a picture.

Once your certificate is complete you can share the big news by email it, posting  it on Facebook, and even uploading it to your blog to share with your family.

 Smilebox is a free program that you download right to your computer. They also offer a Club Smilebox program which you can try FREE for 14 days. If you try Club Smilebox, you can even print the certificate for free. Check out see the cute Free Tooth Fairy Certificate I made below.

Tooth Fairy Certificate
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