TOMS Valentine Shoes Flash Giveaway

If you’ve been my regular reader, you know by now how important it is for me to use our blessings to Pay It Forward. That is why I love TOMS Shoes because for every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

This coming Valentine’s Day, why not buy yourself or give a special gift that pays it forward. TOMS Shoes has just launched their Limited Edition TOMS Valentine Classic which is super cute with its pink hearts design and perfect for women on the go. You can buy this shoes now for just $54, but make sure to check out for the latest TOMS Coupons to use. There’s a $5 Off coupon which brings down the price of this shoes for just $49!

Want to win a lovely pair of Limited Edition TOMS Valentine Classic ? Our friends from Autism United is giving away one so hurry and join this flash contest now!

Contest ends 2/2 12:01 am

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  1. Thea Tapson says

    I love Toms. Some people I know find them expensive, but I have to remind them that I’m actually getting TWO pairs of shoes for that price, not just one. They look at me like I’m crazy, and then I get to tell them the Toms story. Not only are these shoes comfortable and stylish, they’re REALLY making a difference for people in other countries. Imagine having a school available to teach people, but the people not being allowed there because they don’t have shoes. SHOES! How many of us have more than ten pairs of shoes? How many of us take it for granted that we can actually cover our feet, our children’s feet? How many of us take it for granted that we can go to school, and our children can go to school. These are basic needs, needs which I’m proud that Toms is able to help with, and helping them do it with my choice of buying and wearing their shoes means the world to these children.

  2. 1955nurse says

    Love the “Pay-it-forward” mission that Toms has… & Autism is so mis-understood, I’m glad they’re bringing it to people’s awareness. Your $100 story is AMAzing. Just reading your post helped lift me out of my situation by making me focus on what I DO HAVE rather than what my problems are. I intend to continue this chain in some way today… I’m letting God show me where & how. Thanks so much! (HollyCunningham) I shared it on FB as well, maybe it will reach someone else who REALLY needs to read it like I did!!!

  3. kimbuckjr says

    This is the comment I left on your $100 Story post…

    “You are truly a humanitarian! Thank you immensely for your generosity and wealth of unselfishness! If this world had another 1,000 people just like you, I believe the world ‘might’ be a better place live, just a little!
    Thank You!

    PS. Karma…what goes around, comes around, three-fold. I honestly believe that!!!! Especially now!”

    And here is what I left over at your “Mission” giveaway…

    “I would share this prize with my mom-in-law, we are both avid collectors of Mikasa products. I have a whole china cabinet full of Mikasa crystal and other very beautiful nik-naks!

    [email protected]

  4. Pamela Halligan says

    I would love to win these shoes – really could use a new pair of casual shoes. If I win the grand prize, I will give it all to different charities I regularly sponsor.

  5. Deanne Sharp says

    I would share this with my daughter.! She loves Toms and I like the ideal behind Toms, buy a pair and they give a pair to the needy. What a great concept!

  6. Frankie Caswell says

    I would give the Mikasa to my sister, it would make her YEAR! And I love the $100 story, that’s just the way things seem to work.

  7. karen hamilton says

    I would love to win a pair of toms, never have owned a pair before. I love that they give a pair to children in need

  8. Jennifer Morris says

    My sister an I both love Toms! It’s so cool that when u buy a pair they give a pair to someone in need!!

  9. Amanda Nguyen says

  10. Anne L. says

    My daughter could use these shoes. She needs comfortable shoes to wear with her orthotics otherwise she has a lot of pan. Thankyou for this giveaway :)

  11. Mary Baker says

    If i won the Mission Angel giveaway I would Share with my friend Debbie because she helped me through my fight with Cancer this past summer, and I am on such a limited income that the only way to pay her beck is to win something.

  12. Charlene says

    What a great way to get the word out on 2 great organizations!
    I would LOVE to give these to my daughter with her 18th b-day coming up!

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