Today is Mega Swag Bucks Day

Today is  Mega Swag Bucks Day


Mega Swag bucks Day

Today is Mega Swag Bucks day over at Swag Bucks.

Mega Swag Bucks Day happens every Friday and  increases your chance of winning BIG with Swag Bucks Search. You could win anywhere from  30 – 1,000 Swag Bucks just for one search.

Remember this is earning for things you do every day anyways. Also when you win bonus Bucks it makes having to search for information even more fun.

Start searching now and let us know how many Swag Bucks you snag today.

Make sure you have also completed your Daily 3 for 4 Easy Swag Bucks.

Daily 3: Toolbar, Daily Poll, and NOSO

Not a member of Swag Bucks. It is easy to sign up and start earning SwagBucks which can be redeemed for gift certificates, prize entries, and merchandise. I have cashed out over $300 in Swag Bucks in just 12 months.

My favorite way to redeem SwagBucks is turning them into Amazon Gift Cards. With SwagBucks I have been able to shop the past 2 Christmases with barely anything out of pocket. I redeem my SwagBucks every month for at least $25 in Amazon Gift Cards. At only 450 Bucks fora $5 card – that is less than 1 point per penny.

I have used my Amazon Gift Cards to purchase everything from Toilet Paper to Toys. Between the Amazon Gift Cards earned with my SwagBucks and the low price as Amazon, it is a WIN-WIN with SwagBucks.

I also like that you can cash in your Bucks for Paypal money-this is direct money in the bank for me and I use this to purchase things online that I want or need. It is extra in addition to my budget and allows me to take advantage of deals. I always have money available on my Paypal account and don’t have to worry about it affecting my budget.

amazon gift card

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