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If you have a headache this week you will never need aspirin again. I am getting so sick of this show. I appreciate that getting things for free is fun. I have never nor will I ever buy 40 bottles plus of anything? I mean why? I guess I will never be extreme. I do have a Madame Coupon Solution like the extreme couponers.  I guess I am destined to be an Extremely Normal Coupon Shopper and I am okay with that. It appears she spends 30 hours a week organizing her coupons. I believe time is money. If she can save $300 a week then she earns $10 an hour working for her family. I say it is important to look at your effort and determine what makes sense for your family. I spend about 3 hours a week doing my coupons. I save about $100- $150.00 a week. I brought my total down from $250 a week to $115.00 for my family of 5. I buy diapers, formula, $40 worth of veggies, and meat. I buy what I used to buy for less. I do not have a stockpile room. I have a small shelf.  I figured based on my effort I make from $30- $50 an hour which makes my effort worthwhile because I do not make that much at my current job after taxes of course.

What kind of shopper are you?

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  1. says

    I think shopping at the same level you are shopping at is good enough. There is no need to buy more than your means, or at least donate it or something sheesh. I was really excited with this show in the beginning and have begun to miss episodes more and more. I want to learn how to save money, not how to be greedy.

  2. SangD says

    I am new to this…and I commend you for your dedication! I am learning how to utilize coupons like you have! Work in progress.

    I have not had the luxury of watching this Extreme Couponing and I have been turned away as all I hear are negative things.

    Thank you for your commitment to helping others save money!!!

  3. says

    I agree with you, they are too much!! Extreme is not even the word any more! They keep playing the same crazy lady over and over again, just drives me crazy!! I am glad that it is drawing attention to people wanting to learn how to coupon and save money, but I think it is giving them false hope! These are not realist shopping trips, they do not happen every week and the time they spend is too much!! We no longer have diapers or formula, thank goodness, to buy so our budget has decreased a lot since couponing, but not to were we only spend $80 a month. It is just not realist!! Sorry for the vent!!

  4. says

    Like you I’m a normal couponer. While I didn’t shrink my budget of $100 a week, I have been able to bring a wider selection of food in the house. My kids have a lot more options on what to eat which always includes fruits and vegetables. They like knowing they can pick from 3 or 4 things and I like knowing that I can make 2 or 3 weeks worth of breakfast lunch and dinner without stepping foot in the store if I choose not to.

  5. says

    I’m extremely normal as well, alas…
    I too do not stockpile. I “stockpile” enough for my family and in case of emergencies. But that isn’t more than one shelf in my pantry. Also, with all the EXTREME couponing going on its tougher to be a couponer. And not just because the shelves are empty the day I shop either.
    Soon there will be size, quantity or other exclusions on EVERY coupon.
    Unless coupons are changed to low amounts only…

  6. says

    I’m right there with you. I stockpile things that toothbrushes and toothpaste, but I only have 3-4 extras on hand at the most at any one time. If I can get more than that, I do and donate them. Our church has a pantry that serves over 200 families a week and they take non-perishables and toiletries, so my donations go to them.

    The major thing that disgusts me about this show is only one person I have seen (the guy in the original episode and then again last week) donates anything that he gets for free or pennies. Thank you for the concept of giving, Mr. Coupon Guy. You can teach those others a thing or two.

  7. says

    I actually love the show. I think that I’ve learned alot about couponing and how to better shop from watching it. And let’s not forget that you can adjust the quality of how much you want to buy of each product. You don’t have to buy 50 of everything like they do.

    I also loved that some of the shoppers actually donated a portion of their stockpile to charity and the military. I would love to start extreme couponing on baby items like diapers and wipes with my little man on the way soon. LOL

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