TIPS Tuesday How to get the family in on the GAME

OH No, the Paper is here and it is time to clip the coupons…

How do I find the time to get my coupons clipped and organized? Well, I rally my family everyone can do something.

Mat my, amazing husband, or myself often cut the coupons. Matthew who is four and a half sorts the coupons by food groups. We then place the coupons in their sections (since I have binder I can hand each person certain labeled sheets.) It didn’t take long for my husband to get on board with the cutting coupon thing. He likes to save money and sit in “his” chair. (We take turns picking shows or get a family movie at the library to watch) It is actually relaxing while zoning out in front of the TV.


It is an easy way to spend family time together. We have a super time asking our son what does that coupon start with? What kind of food group does it belong to? Is it healthy or a treat? He has even noticed the numbers so we have talked about how each month and day has a number. We predict which coupon will expire first. We talk about how much the coupons are worth.

If your child or children are older, they can find the expired coupons for you. They can sort the coupons by value if you have a $.50 coupon for the item and a $.75 they can put the higher value coupon on the top.

The older children can also help you pull coupons for your shopping trip and put them in their holders. It is important that saving money becomes a family event.

When my son is older, I intend to pay him a percentage of the total I saved on my grocery bill to encourage him to save. It will also discourage him from asking for too many random things at the store. Just think of all the consumer math they could learn: percentages, the values doubled or tripled, cost, actual price paid, budgeting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions.. etc

Like I said, it is about spending less on food so you can spend your money on something else…

What did I buy last month you ask? I bought Kings Dominion season passes for the summer for my entire family. I believe life is about making memories.


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