My Deal is sometimes you need to look a lot of places

I own a deal site so you would think I know every deal. I do not. I know a lot of them but it always helps to have an ace in the hole. I head to My Deals to see if there is a good price for the item I am looking for. I know the key to saving money is not spending it. That isn’t easy to do. What is easy to do is to change the process you currently have before you make a purchase. I always ask myself it this is something I need? Is it something I will like in two weeks? Is the price right? I then do a little bit of research which normally saves me a lot of money. I know that every dollar you save can be used for more important things. I am proud to say that I paid less for my purchase than others. I have spent a great deal of time researching which sites are easy to use and save me the most money for the time I am spending doing my research. I found My Deals to be amazingly helpful.

I think there are really three ways to save. The first is to do your research. I like to look at a site that has an easy interface to see the actual deals.  I like my deals personalized and easily accessible coupon codes so I can apply them to save even more. I find that I have a couple of my favorite deals sites in my bookmark tool bar. They are the sites that I can find deals that I actually care about.

The next way that I save is I do a lot of my shopping online. If I stay out of the store than I spend less. I am not tempted to buy things I do not need because they aren’t in front of me. I know that 38 percent of us (according to financial experts at
J.P. Morgan), shop online at least once per month!I shop online all the time it also saves my sanity since I can do it at night and I do not have to take the children or drive and waste gas. It also seems that most companies now offer free shipping anyway so that makes it even more financially responsible.

The third way that I personally save money is evaluating my cost over time. I do not always buy the cheapest item. I look at the quality. I also look at cost per use. If a printer is $90 and every time I print it cost $.03 as compared to the $40 printer that cost $.08 per print session. I am more likely to spend the cost on the front end instead of the back end. I read the reviews on the products I buy to determine the quality and the experience of other buyers. That determines my decision as well.

If you spend the time to research your purchase you will be happier in the end. I know time is money and that money is hard to may. I like to know My Deal is the best possible on that I could make when completing a purchase.


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