Tips on Finding The Best Dress Style for your Shape

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For us women it is a must to learn how to choose the right dress for our shape. It is the key to looking good and the holy grail of fashion rules. Looking back at my past photos, I cringe whenever I see my past outfits that were unflattering, some even made me look heavier that what I weigh, some are just downright wrong that I should’ve been caught by the fashion police.  Let’s just say that I learn how to dress right the hard way. Now I make it a point to share with my friends the tips that I’ve learned on how to look good, the secret is knowing your shape, choosing the right color and picking the style appropriate for your age.

The Best Dress Style for your Shape

When you are shopping for a dress, you want to make sure that you find a style that not only looks great, but more importantly, also flatters your body shape. Not everyone is made exactly the same, so a dress style that is fashionable may not be the right choice for you. In addition to the shape and style of the dress, you should also look at the color and pattern of the dress. Depending on your skin tone, and your size, certain patterns and colors will either enhance your beauty, or take away from it. With the right dress, you can go out with confidence, knowing you will be turning heads and looking magnificent.


If you have a pretty straight figure without many curves, you want to pay attention to the cut of the dress in order to create the illusion of having curves, instead of emphasizing your lack of definition. A fitted sheath or classic shift dress will provide an elegant appearance, while an empire waist or an A-line skirt will create curves. A straight figured woman can wear a one-shoulder dress to create a bit of dramatic flair. Focusing on elements that draw the eyes to the areas you want to enhance will help flatter your figure.


A pear shape is defined as having fuller hips and bottom, while being smaller at the chest area. To enhance the pear shape, you want to create more of a balance between your top and bottom areas. If you wear a dress that has a deep v-neck or is strapless will draw the eye away from the hips and towards the chest. If you wear a full or A-line skirt, you will minimize your hips. Additionally, an empire waist will define the smallest part of your body, while masking other areas. Whether you rent dresses or buy to keep up with fashion, a great dress to match your shape will keep you looking great.


An hourglass figure has a small waist with larger hips and a full chest. This makes wrap dresses and classic sheaths will enhance the classic feminine beauty of your form. With the perfect hourglass figure, you can easily find dresses that will enhance both your cleavage and your womanly hips.


Apple figures have a narrow point above the natural waist, with a rounded belly and bottom. Empire waist dresses are the best for apple figures, as they draw attention away from the belly and enhance the smaller upper body. Any neck details will also help. If you wear a full skirts or an A-line, you will create an hourglass illusion.

Full Bust

For women with a larger chest than hips, you want to wear a deep v-necks wrap dresses or halter styles. These enhance the cleavage while also bringing the eye further downward to the slimmer areas of the body. If you wear A-line styles or full skirts, especially with detail at the bottom, it will help to even out your figure and make it seem more hourglass.


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