Tips For Saving Money at the Grocery Store

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store This Fall


I am so excited that Fall is here. We can even feel a small break to the Summer heat here in Florida, although I don’t know what’s up with those pesky lovebugs. They are in abundance right now and usually this time of year they are not readily found. Anyway, I love seeing the pumpkins and gourds in the grocery stores and I know it won’t be too long before the holidays will be upon us. I’m trying to keep tabs on my grocery bill thought i would share with you some tips for saving money at the grocery store! 

Here are my tips for saving money at the grocery store:

I’m Only Buying What’s in Season
Have you seen the apple cider displays yet? I have. They are in nearly every grocery store in our area. All kinds of apples are on sale now too – perfect for making those carmel apple treats! Pumpkins seem to be very plentiful so that would mean pumpkin soups, muffins, and of course pie! My Super Target is featuring zucchini and fresh yellow squash this week so it looks like I will be making a Fall soup with lots of veggies!

Checking Out Store Promotions
I always check out the store sale flyers. Most of them are sent to my home which is very convenient because I can make my shopping list well ahead of time.  (Remember that sales run in cycles. Also, use our shopping lists here at Madame Deals Store Deals– I always tell you the Rock Bottom Deals!)

I Don’t Ever Shop When I’m Hungry
This goes without saying but really I’ve learned from experience that I am better equipped to turn down spending temptations when my stomach is full.

Using Coupons and Discounts
I’m continuing to use coupons and discounts and combining them with sales to increase the savings. I’ve been busy purging expired coupons from my file in an attempt to clear up some of the clutter that is occuring on my desk.

Making A Detailed Weekly Menu
I make a weekly menu that I post on the refrigerator. This has helped my grocery bill to keep on track, as it is a reminder of what I’ve planned to have for dinner during the week. When I make a weekly menu I find that our diet is much more varied; when I just cook without a plan we usually have something boring like “chicken and rice” just because it’s easy and quick to fix.

Avoiding Convenience Foods When I Can
My busy life means that I can’t always cut out all conveniences – sometimes it’s just easier to buy sub sandwiches pre-made. But most times I try to plan for the block of time I will need to prepare the dinner mostly from scratch. Many times I can successfully accomplish this; sometimes I take the help when I can get it.

So readers what is your biggest tip for saving money at the grocery store?

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    I think another great way to save is to stockpile based on sales. If you can purchase something for as little as $.30 each when they are normally $2.50 each (using coupons, deals, catalinas) and it is something that you can store for a period of time…this is a time to stock up! Even if you only need 1 now, in the example above you can purchase 8 for the price of 1…so why not do it.


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