Tips on Entering Giveaways!

Tips on Entering Giveaways!



Happy Monday everyone! Last night I got an email saying I had won a giveaway! (An awesome cookbook) and it got me thinking about all the things I have won in the last few years by entering giveaways, and I thought you might like to hear my tips on entering giveaways! As someone who hosts and enters giveaways, I’ve got some pretty good insights on increasing your chances to win! Now, none of these tips on entering giveaways that I’m going to share are going to guarantee you a win, it’s always a game of chance. But they will help to ensure you use your time efficiently to put yourself in the best position to win! I personally have won over 100 giveaways in my 2 years of entering them. My biggest wins were a $700 fitness package and a Dyson! So keep reading if you would like to find out how I did it! 

Here are my tips on Entering Giveaways:

  • First, know where to look! There are a TON of places to look for awesome giveaways! First, you know we always have some fun giveaways going on, so make sure to check out our Content PageAlso, the huge network of other great bloggers! Check out the pages of the other bloggers you follow often. Another great way to  find giveaways is to Google “Giveaway Linky” this will show you results of bloggers who have an open link page with tons of giveaways from tons of bloggers!
  • Once you have found a giveaway you want to enter, make sure you follow the rules! I know it sounds silly, but you wouldn’t believe how many people click that “I did it” button and in fact, didn’t do it. Trust me, WE CHECK! So if you are required to “like” a page on Facebook, or leave a comment, DO IT! If you don’t, and you are picked as the winner, bloggers will be forced to pick a new winner! You’ll miss out on the prize, and it’s also more work for us.
  • Make sure to check back daily! Some giveaways give you an option to leave a daily comment or tweet, use them! It will double your chances at winning!
  • Pay attention to the requirements! This is a tip to save you time! Not all giveaways are going to be valid to you. I learned this the hard way, by not reading the requirements fully, and entered a giveaway for Canadians only. It wasted my time and the bloggers time. Make sure you actually read a post before entering!
  • Keep a list of giveaways you have entered, and when they end. Why do this? Because spam folders. Most giveaways give you 24-48 hours to claim a prize, and if you winning notification goes to your spam, you may miss it! But most giveaway winners are displayed on a blog post, and if you check back the day the contest closes and see you name, you can check your spam folder, or contact the blogger. Once I had a $300 giftcard winning email go to my spam! I was SO glad I checked!
  • Focus your energy! Enter giveaways can get a bit time consuming. I set a day (Sunday) that I dedicate to entering giveaways. Also, focus your time on things you actually want to win. If you have no need for that baby crib, don’t enter to win it! Sometimes we can get caught up in just wanted to win something, that we enter everything. This will burn you out quickly.
  • And my last tip, Don’t give up! Thousands of people enter giveaways, so if you don’t win, don’t get discouraged!! It will happen, its all a game of luck, stay positive and HAVE FUN!

What are some of your great tips for entering giveaways? What is the biggest giveaway you have won?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Wendy Pence says

    I use a spreadsheet to keep track of the giveaways I enter. I copy & paste the url where the giveaway page is located right in there. Makes it super easy to go back to the page to complete the daily entries when I have time to do so. My spreadsheet has 6 columns: Blog Name, Prize and retail value (if listed), giveaway end date, if there are daily entries (like tweets), the last date I did the daily entries, and the url of the giveaway page. On another note, I have another separate spreadsheet on my desktop that I use to keep track of the giveaways I’ve won. It has columns for: blog name & prize, giveaway end date, and retail value of prize. Also at the end of the column where the retail values are listed I entered a command to add up the values of the prizes I’ve won so I can see how much they are worth all together. It’s just fun for me to see the total. I’ve been entering giveaways for about 3-4 years. I’ve won about $1,500.00 worth of prizes including cookbook software, a Tassimo Brewbot Cappucino maker, $100 Walgeens gift card, $100 VISA gift card, $50 VISA gift card, a Kingston Tech WiDrive, all sorts of kids’ toys that I’ve used for Christmas or birthday gifts, a coach purse, a Fiskars crafting prize pack, 2 Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair dolls, a baby mobile (which I gave to my sister who expecting a baby), other smaller gift cards, coupon inserts, coupons for free items, and a whole bunch of other great stuff. Sometimes you can go for long stretches and not win anything and get discouraged. But, for me, entering giveaways is something I do in my spare time while I’m watching TV in the evenings. And, when I go through those stretched where I don’t win anything new, sometimes I will open my Giveaway Winnings document and just take a look at the list of things I have won over the years. It energizes me to persevere and keep on entering.

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