Time for Kids 8-Book Set of Children’s Science Readers Only $13.99!

Time for Kids

time for kids

Encourage kids to love Science by giving them some fun books to read. Hurry and pay only $13.99 for Time for Kids 8-Book Set of Children’s Science Readers ($55.68 Value)! These books cover topics from outer space to the human body, this collection of books introduces early-elementary kids to scientific topics. A $2.99 flat-rate shipping fee for purchases less than $14.99. Free shipping for purchases of $14.99 or more.


  • Eight books by Time for Kids
  • Covers subjects in life science, earth and space science, and physical science
  • Written to challenge young minds, just like every Proust novel
  • Each book includes supplementary graphics such as maps and diagrams
  • 24–28 pages per book

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