Time is Money

money making monday

How do we make money?


The question is how do you get some? Well there is this super website called The Coupon Clippers They cut the coupons that you select using their easy to follow website and then they mail them to your house. I do this this all the time. Yup! I love Coupons but I sometimes lack time to cut them and sort them. I also figure out that sometimes buying an extra paper for one or two coupons is costly. This is cheaper. I use this service all the time. I buy coupons that will triple and provide free products when triples is coming up. I also buy coupons that will double and provide me with free or near free products in the future. I also usually buy two or more of the coupons for products that go one buy one get one free sales. The coupons take about 4 days to get to Virginia so I usually order them well in advance. I have been happy with the service and this week (starting Wednesday) we are giving you a chance to win $20.00 worth of coupons provided by the coupon clippers. YOU get to select $20.00 worth of coupons that is a lot of coupons since most cost between $.05-$.12.!!!! Happy making money Monday where saving time and using a coupon strategy will net you some cash!

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