Time Dog personal assistant stories: Trip planning

You need some help! We all need some help. What if you could have a personal virtual assistant for less than that coffee you are currently holding? I would take help over a drink anytime.  I love Time Dog Personal assistant for hire.
if you had a personal assistant you would have your own

Personal assistant stories

Here is mine i am a mom of three wonderful children. We are traveling this holiday season and I need help with getting hotel rooms, driving directions, and directions to the nearest grocery store when we get there. I also need to check on the room and make sure we can check in early. I emailed my personal assistant and voila. I got the answers.

Okay so you are stuck and can’t talk. You need something done quick. You have two options:
Live Chat or You can text your request
This request was a text. I used my handy dandy Time Dog application on my phone.
Get all the information I need for a successful trip and put it in one document so I am not searching while balancing 90 bags and 3 kids.
Is this the answer you expected I would receive?
I received directions two different routes. I received the rates of several hotel using the zip code I needed and the free breakfast we require. I also received an early check in and the room I needed.

personal assistant for hire:

I have so many great personal assistant stories. I can’t even tell you how much time and money I have saved.
Employing a personal assistant has made the difference to myself and my family.


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