This weeks Grocery Trip

Food Lion-

Spent $78.63 saved $67.85 paid 53% for my groceries this week

Spent $85.63 saved $73.83 paid 54% for my groceries this week

Why coupon to get what you already buy for LESS.

Total before Coupons or MVP deals $146.48

Total after MVP deals $111.07

Total after coupons $78.63

What did I get?

Formula $17.99- $5 manf coupon- $3.00 Food Lion coupon $9.99 or $.35 per oz

Turkey $9.59

Shrimp BOGO $7.99

Sausage $1.78

Coupon match ups

Hunts ketchup $1.00- $.20 coupon $.80

Cheeze-it $2.00 -$.75 coupon $1.25

I have an ice cream problem!!!

I got 4 jars of ice cream toppings for $2.19 each= $8.76. I had a coupon to get one for free if you bought (3).  $8.79-$2.19= $6.60 then I had (3) $1.00 off coupons so $6.60- $3.00= $3.00 for (4) jars of topping. (yup that is the reason for the marshmallows, bananas and whip cream)

Whip cream $2.39- $.50 coupon$1.89 (tip use your coupon on the smallest size product you can to get the best value)

Home 360 wipes use fl baby coupon $1.62- $1.50= $.12

Home 360 Health  used it on the hand sanitizer $1.29-$1.00 coupon= $.29

Home 360 coupon $1.00 used for the paper towels $1.79 final price $.79

Guiding star coupon $1.00 of the bananas that were  $1.54= $.54

Cream cheese: (3) for $5, I bought 2 ($1.66 each) $3.33 used $1.00 coupon. I paid $2.33 for two

Eggo waffles: Buy one get one free $4.00, used the buy two waffles get $1.00 off so I paid $3.00 for both boxes

Nature valley nut bars buy $2 get $1.00 off FOOD LION coupon stacked it with (2) $1.00 off coupons from the manufacture. These were 2 for $5 so I got $3 off. The final price is $2.00 for two bags (regular price $3.79 each)

Beech-nut 3rd stage food 2 coupons for FREE then I bought 4 more jars and used the $1.00 off of 6. $.53 each x 4= $2.12 – $1.00 FL coupon. $1.12 for (2) 3rd foods and (4) 2nd foods!!  Just $.18 per jar!!!

Dog food $5.62-$3.00= $2.62

Muffin mixes $1.00 each used the get $.55 off of two. I paid $1.45 for both. This will make breakfast for two days for 4 people!

Here is my dinner Menu

Sunday- Turkey if it is thawed (if not swap with Monday)

Monday- Shrimp and pesto with fresh tomatoes

Tuesday- Stromboli  or sausage and peppers

Wednesday- Turkey Chili a’ la Rachel Ray

Thursday- Crock pot ribs

Friday- Ravioli (will buy at HT. I have a super coupon that will make them almost free. If I do not get there then we will have my homemade sauce with pasta)

Saturday- BBQ Chicken

Breakfast- muffins, pancakes, waffles, cereal, omelets, bagels

Lunch- Shrimp Salad, Thanksgiving sandwiches, healthy choice meals, salad,  chili, ribs

*** note the diapers were bought by Renae for me at Kroger for around $7.00. They need to be added in my weekly total.

Need to buy: Ravioli $1.00 ,pizza dough $1.00, spinach $4.38 , baguette $2.81, rice milk $1.50= $10.69 left over $10.36 to be added to 529 plan

Spent $78.63 +$7.00= $85.63

Saved $67.85 +$5.98=$73.83

Still have $15.37 and the $5.71 from CVS to use at HT Triples $21.08

Just a note, I used to spend between $150.00- $200.00 a week on groceries, baby items, and drug store stuff. If I can cut my bill to $100.00 a week you can too!


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