Think before you type


Think before you type 


I thought I would share the best facebook comment of the day with those of you that aren’t on facebook. I created the Madame Deals job board to help my fans. I tell my fans how I make money. You can even see how I spend the money I make in this post Money, Money article. I made this comment on my facebook page Madame Deals.


Think before you type

I then received a myriad of messages from a “fan”. I have to say that the job board was created to help others. I often find in this world that people do not do enough to help others. You know why because it takes time and money. It takes effort. I make the choice everyday to help others. I created the $100 story and I continue it daily.

Honestly… has anyone ever seen a sign on the wall to hire someone for something… or how about craig’s list? Really. Do you think I would pretend I have a business and publish it all over the internet.

This reader then decides it is okay to harass another reader. I encourage him to do his research because I am a valid business and I hired more than 80 contractors last year. Guess what they all got paid! You read right I actually pay people. You can ask my writers and project managers I have several that I help support.

Think Before you type

I provided my corporate id and told him to stop being rude. He was rude to the other readers. I just thought I would share that I will be reported to the VA Attorney General for advertising jobs on my site. I mean we wouldn’t want to help anyone by giving them an opportunity to write or share an idea in exchange for money. I am positive that I am not breaking the law. I am also positive that I own and operate a corporation and that I can advertise jobs on my site. Honestly, I think that we should spend our time doing things to help one another and trying to create issues where there aren’t any is a waste of time. I hope this person decides to spend his time doing something positive instead of finding fault in places that there isn’t any. I would like to state for the record Madame Deals, INC is an S-corp with the state of Virginia. I would also like to state that my name Madame Deals is currently being trademarked. I encourage you all to apply to work with us. Madame Deals Job Board.

Topic: Think before you type



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  1. says

    This causes me to wonder, just what IS the point that this poster wanted to make? So many times those that are being rude don’t think they are but gosh, this one takes the cake! Maybe they should research the BBB and find that they can’t do a thing about proving or disproving your business if you are not registered with them. As a contract worker myself, I don’t always fill out employment documents. If it is under $600 for the year, I don’t have to get any income tax info from the company I did work for. Oh, and I don’t think I have ever taken any law classes in the 5+ years of college. But I sure know a know-it-all (NOT!) when I see (read) one! (For the record, I have yet to do any work for Madame Deals. But, this is one of my favorite blogs!!!)

  2. Eileen says

    Some people just want to stir up trouble or hear themselves ‘talk” or see their words in print, flaunting their knowledge out there to make them look BIG. I have never seen you job boards before. I can’t imagine anything you do would be nothing short of offering a human being the chance to work. Shame on that person. How anyone can threaten another just to stir trouble? Someday they might need a hand up or a friend. I can’t imagine with that attitude a person would have that in their lives. So sorry to read this.

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