Things have gone to far: Child in trouble for Cupcakes

9 Year Old Child in trouble for Cupcakes decorated with Army Men

I was amazed when I heard this news story about this 9 year old boy. He found himself in the hot seat of his Caro,MI school when he brought cupcakes with Green Army Men for decoration. These are the same style Army Men we all fell in love with in Toy Story and most of our children have them in the bottom of their toy boxes.
The boy brought in these cupcakes to celebrate his birthday and decorated them with the Army Men in honor of our Service Men and Woman. Little did he or his parents know that these innocent Army Men would spark their own war with the school. The school felt they were insensitive in the wake of Sandy Hook. They had confiscated the cupcakes and covered them so no one would be offended. The boy’s mother had to recommend removing the Army Men in order for the child to serve his birthday cupcakes.

The Principal did issue a statement after the parents when to the media and shared their story. You can see the News Story Here———->> Child in Trouble for Cupcakes.

I could not imagine getting a phone call to find my child in trouble for cupcakes. I understand the concern for school violence but when are people going to realize we are confusing concern with hysteria. Also when did “Army Men” start promoting violence. Most children I know view Army Men as a symbol of our Service Men and Women and not rogue shooters who are mentally unstable. I can only imagine the confusion and humiliation this poor boy must have felt to have his cupcakes whisked away as if they themselves were evil.
This is just another reason something has to be done to stop these hasty decisions based on fear and Political Correctness. Everyone needs to stop and look at things the way they are and stop assuming the worst in every situation.  We all know what they say happens when you “Assume” something. How long before we have another child in trouble for cupcakes or some other innocent reason.
I think it is time to stop making decision that are robbing our children of their innocence. They see these as toys and I doubt any child in that school was going to be “offended” over Army Men. Instead the adults overreacted and made these seemingly harmless toys into an issue that created a day this boy will never forgot.
I feel very strongly on this issue and regardless of a person’s views on gun control, things need to change.
Let me know how you feel in the comment’s below!!!
Topic: Child In Trouble for Cupcakes
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  1. says

    Wow, that is crazy. These are toys all kids play with and I cannot even imagine. I get that people were upset by the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but one these two things do not have one thing to do with each other.

  2. Adonna says

    this is completely insane!
    when are teachers, parents and other responsible people going to stop the insanity!!

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