The World’s Best Teddy Bear is Frame A Bear


Frame A Bear Preserves Memories

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Frame A Bear is changing the way you look at Teddy Bears.

I am always looking for something to help preserve my memories and my pictures. When I first seen the Frame A Bear, I was impressed with how many pictures you could fit on one bear and how clear the pictures were. After going on vacations, pictures usually end up on memory cards, hard drives,or printed out and stuck in an album. Reliving those moments is hard to do without going thru a lot of work but this revolutionary new Teddy Bear changes that.

Frame A Bear is a Photo Album you can snuggle with and take with you. The options are limitless and these make perfect gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, and vacations. The options are limitless and you have the power to personalize it any way you see fit.

The Madame Deals Team recently went to Chicago and we took our very own Frame A Bear with us. We wanted him to be tantalizing, so we used pictures from our recipes section and included a picture of each of us.

frame a bear 2

Frame A Bear is available in 3 sizes and photos can be full color or black and white.

Sizes available are :

Mini – 12″

Original – 18″

Large – 24″

The Frame A Bear we took to Chicago with us was an “Mini” Size.

Not only was it fun to share Frame A Bear with Chicago, we all can’t wait to make our own Frame A Bear with the pictures of all our adventures.  The process to make your own is simple and can be completed easily online.

Each Frame A Bear can be designed with individual flare. There are numerous fabric colors, designs, and prints available. You can step up the personalization by using a fabric of your own that you provide.

Check out all the options available at Frame A Bear.

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