The Valentine's Day Edition: How do you show Love in your house?

The best thing about being a child is they innately love. I have to say that has been the greatest joy that I have experienced as a parent is watching the way my children show love. Today, is the day of love. So, in its honor I invite you to embrace who you are and give yourself permission to be just you. The person that you are is not only good enough, but great.

Here are some ideas that we use in our house to show our  children love :

1) Love notes: I make picture notes for my son and leave them on the mirror, in his lunch box, in his car seat, backpack, and  by his plate at meal times

2) Kisses and lots of them (sometimes I put lipstick ones on the palm of his hand)

3) Just simply saying I love you

4) We often say I love you bigger than…..

5) We have a special poem that we made up together

6) I sing them love songs

7) I give stickers with cute messages that he collects

8) We make a date and spend time doing what they like

9)We celebrate their accomplishments

10) I think one of the most important things we do as parents is that we are affectionate in front of our kids. We hold hands tell each other that we love one another and we have our own dates.

Spread the Love and share some ideas on how you make sure your children know they are loved.

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