The Ultimate Cloth: Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Ultimate Cloth. I am always looking for chemical free ways to clean. Especially since my children like to help me clean! I do not want my little ones using chemicals, but I surely enjoy their help.

The Ultimate Cloth is made of MiraFiber and is chemical free. Basically you clean with water. Take the Ultimate Cloth, wet it, wring it out and wipe surfaces clean. Now I was sceptical. When I received the Ultimate Cloth in the mail, it looked like nothing more than a thick paper towel. However, the MiraFiber technology is very strong. I have washed my Ultimate Cloth several times and there are no signs of wear (yes, you can throw it right in with the laundry!). Also, if you are cleaning a germ ridden area, the Ultimate Cloth can be washed with bleach afterwards!

I used the Ultimate Cloth all around my house on different surfaces. My favorite place to use the Ultimate Cloth is the television and computer screens and the windows. The Ultimate Cloth leaves a streak free finish and it is gentle on the surface. I tend to have a lot of little finger prints on the windows and television screen and the Ultimate Cloth worked great.

The prices:

Standard Size 13.5″x 15.5″  (1) for $6.00 or (2) for $10.00

BadBoy Cloth 19.5″ x 15.5″ (1)  for $9.00

The Ultimate Cloth is eco-friendly and has a money-back guarantee!


I was provided one Ultimate Cloth complimentary for purposes of this review. Madame Deals was not compensated in any other way.

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