The Tattoo Saga Continues:The Story Behind the Ink

First off, let me say how thankful I am for all your kind words about my tattoos, and in general about moms with tattoos. I had quite a few people leave me comments, or even email me personally asking me what the “story” behind my tattoos were. Well I would be happy to share them with you!

My tattoos: the Early Days.

Ok, so when you hear your parents/teachers/other adults tell you that you’re going to regret that crazy tattoo you got..sometimes they are right..


Exhibit A, this is the result of living on my own for the first time and having a neighbor say.” HEY, I do tattoos, want one!? “Well of course I do! For those that don’t know..that is a Hatchet Man. Yes, I know..sad. But it’s on my shoulder, so I don’t have to see it, so I can handle it, until I can fix it. So yes, not my proudest moment…but also not my first tattoo.

This is my very first Tattoo:


Tada! I got this tattoo at the tender age of 15. Let me tell you, it hurt SO bad, and I’m surprised I got anymore after this one. This is a triple Moon symbol that I got for my Mom, Dad, and Myself (I am an only child) and my middle name (Diana) means Moon 🙂

The worst of the worst when it comes to Tattoos:

Yes. This was one of those “lets walk into a tattoo parlor and pick out a flash image” kind of tattoo. My husband was actually getting a tattoo done and I was jealous so he very sweetly offered to get me one..and oh how I wish he hadn’t. I do hair, and this skull was  * supposed*  to look like hair color brushes and bottles. FAIL. I lived with that thing for 2 years until I found a tattoo artist that was brave enough to take on the cover up for it.

Rachelle in Wonderland: The Tattoos of Now!


My prized Tattoos I have today! See that Alice? That is where the ugly skull was! Oh yes, that is a cover up, does my tattoo artist rock or what!?(FYI anyone in the Nashville area, Timba at Lone Wolf did both of these)  A lot of people ask “So what’s with all the Alice?” Well, It’s pretty simple, I love Alice. I always have.The quote says “The world is not so either/or, Alice” which was said by the Carpenter in American Mcgee’s Alice.  The Alice does not stop with the tattoos, the tattoos are actually the last editions of Alice to our house, here are some of the others:

This is the Invitation to my wedding. “Indubitably, you will see, that we were truly meant to be, Don’t hesitate, nor procrastinate, and don’t be late, to our very important date.” The rest of our wedding was Alice themed, along with our tea pot centerpieces!

This is Jaidens 4th Birthday, also Alice in Wonderland Themed. complete with an Alice barbie cake, a hand made tutu and an Alice shirt!

Jaiden in Wonderland this Halloween. Down in the corner of the picture is the Cheshire Cat she sleeps with every night <3

So there it is! The story behind the Ink! Thanks to everyone that was interested in hearing about them, I would love to hear about some of your favorite (or maybe really bad) tattoos! Let me hear it!



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