The Power of One:159th Day: Once upon a time


This is my journey for a year.  I am starting it to get to know you and perhaps get to know myself better. I want Madame Deals to be a place which you come to because you know you are valued.  We are here to help you make dollar$ out of change. I believe change is hard to accomplish without a team and support. We hope to be your motivational team as you strive towards the life you want. The power of one is my challenge to myself to make a difference. I truly believe every person has the power to create a positive change.

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   Once upon a time you were small and helpless. You were the apple of my eye and the one person who always listened. It amazes me to see how much you have changed over the years. There is one thing that remains the same you are the baby I have loved the longest. You always melt my heart and provide me with memories I will always cherish.  I wish you a Happy Birthday and I am always proud of you. Love Mommy

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