The Power of One:156th Day fruit flies

This is my journey for a year.  I am starting it to get to know you and perhaps get to know myself better. I want Madame Deals to be a place which you come to because you know you are valued.  We are here to help you make dollar$ out of change. I believe change is hard to accomplish without a team and support. We hope to be your motivational team as you strive towards the life you want. The power of one is my challenge to myself to make a difference. I truly believe every person has the power to create a positive change.

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  Fruit flies do not bother me. They make me crazy. I can’t seem to get rid of them. It occurred to me to move the vinegar to a place that is not my kitchen. They can hang out in the corner! Does anyone know of anything that will actually work to get rid of these buggers except hoping they will dive into the liquid and never surface?


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