The Power of One:147th Day Budget Blown!

This is my journey for a year.  I am starting it to get to know you and perhaps get to know myself better. I want Madame Deals to be a place which you come to because you know you are valued.  We are here to help you make dollar$ out of change. I believe change is hard to accomplish without a team and support. We hope to be your motivational team as you strive towards the life you want. The power of one is my challenge to myself to make a difference. I truly believe every person has the power to create a positive change.

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    I am shocked the budget is blown. I spent $540 on groceries today. You read right. I almost fell over. I was at Costco and I kept throwing items in my chart like a mad women. I did however buy enough food to make 40 dinners and I also bought a bunch of other things. I am sure you are laughing. This is a big deal. I spent my month’s groceries in one trip. This is the first time since I started blogging that I have gone over by $40. I anticipate I will have to spend another $100 on the milk and bread and lunch meats this month but I will be 10 dinners ahead. I wouldnt be so shocked if I didnt always coupon shop.

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