The Power of FLOWERS

I was lucky enough to receive a gift card from Proflowers. They gave me $50.00 and it was enough to make my husband’s day. I say I am lucky because it isn’t often I get to splurge on sending flowers. I always thought it was out of my budget. I was able to send him orchids for his desk for $50.00 which included the $9.99 shipping fee. I figured they stay in bloom for a couple of months and it will remind him we value what he does for us. When I was asked to do this review, I asked if I could make one of your days by hosting a giveaway and they agreed. I have $100 to offer to one of you lucky winners. I mean if you look at what ProFlowers charges, you could potentially honor two or three of the people you hold dear.


You can send love right now! Don’t forget to send flowers to your special someone for every special occasion. ProFlowers is offering fresh flowers starting at $19.99, plus they come with a Free glass vase. You can also check out their chocolates, bears, and other gift items which are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Here is the contest link if you have not entered.

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