The Madame Deals System works

zipper binder inside

Would you play a sport without a game plan? Would you go into a meeting without preparation? Then how do you expect to save money without a system? We have one and it works! It works so well that we get emails daily from our students telling us how much they save. It works so well that people are sharing the system with their friends and family. It works so well I have people coming to my house to pick them up because they can’t wait to get started!! We all have goals. The question is what are you actively doing to achieve YOURS?

Here is a note we got this week:

Hi there,
My name is Heather… I took your workshop a few months back when you hosted it in town at the restaurant on Main St. I’ve absolutely loved your binder system and have been saving tons of money at Harris Teter, Kroger and multiple other stores. My husband never thought he would see the day where I would get a high from saving money. Clipping coupons and saving has become a hobby of mine and we have been benefiting from it immensely. Thank you for inspiring me to do better and be so much more than I ever thought I could. (let us know how you are doing)


We hope we can be your spending LESS coaches. If you are not close arrange for a skype workshop if you can’t make our September 12th workshop then find 4 friends and pick a date that suits you.


It isn’t what you SAVE it is what you SPEND….

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