The Little Doll That Lost Her Head

    If you have a child then you have seen toys end up like this. I have a little girl who really wanted this very doll. She was in love with this Lalaloopsy doll and we received her as a gift. We had her for a little bit and she went swimming, took baths, napped on pillows and received lip gloss. She also was loved and hugged and kissed often.

I wasn’t sure what to do when I found out she was beheaded. We tried several glue mixtures and none worked. We preformed surgery. Then I had an idea lets call the company Little Tikes and see what they have to say. I was pleasantly surprise to find out that since she wasn’t three months -old that they would replace her. We had to send this picture and an email. We should receive a replacement in the mail soon. Ah, no more crying and soon we will have another princess doll.

I had to ask my daughter how it happened when I was on the phone. she of course looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, “Mommy I threw her in the air and I just missed. It was only one time.”  Luckily, the gentleman on the phone honored the warranty even though my daughter should be reported to dps (doll protective services).

I give Little Tikes two thumbs up for standing behind their product!

Can you relate or is this only my life?


  1. Tammy S says

    I love this story. I am sure every parent has been in this position at one time or another. I think it is amazing that Little Tikes were willing to replace her. I hope the new doll brings as much happiness to her as the old one did.

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