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I want to first say that I am not sure how this blogger bashing started. I am going to clear it up because I am an upfront person. I also want to say perception is not reality. This weekend I heard about a fellow blogger who lost her husband. I know that they are not well off in fact they struggle. She is a mom of two and has one on the way. When I heard what happened I posted a link to a fundraiser on my facebook page. The link happened to direct my fans to a blogger’s site that I am not at all fond of. I wasn’t sure if the money was going to Caity. I reached out to another blogger and confirmed it was going to the Caity’s best friend who was paypaling it to Caity. I then posted the link again. I got a ping from someone in the mission giveaway group asking if we could do something for Caity. I set up a file with my name and what I was willing to do. I asked my fans for ideas on facebook. I took the idea of an online babyshower and asked about that. Then I wrote I would contact 5 companies to ask for assistance. I only had time today to do two because I acted on another idea that a blogger in the group brought up. The idea was to sell magazines to benefit Caity.

I wasn’t sure that was a good idea since we normally sell them on all our sites and we had intention to launch a national campaign to sell them to benefit fire victims. We talked it over and decided this would be a great way to help on a large scale. I spent all day working on the logistics and preparing to launch a campaign. I heard mom it is a holiday stop working. I didn’t because I couldn’t imagine not having my husband. We used enfundraising to set up the event. The way efundraising is set up is it pays the bloggers money and it pays the cause. The reason is simple we sell magazines everyday to pay for our sites. This way we would be doing what we always do and helping a friend in need. I have always been honest that I blog and make money it is my job. I work 16 hour days and i love almost every minute of it. I can see the impact my work has had on the world.

I sent out an email asking bloggers to join basically saying you can earn your commission like you already do, give your readers a great deal, and help Caity. I went to help cook dinner and clean up. I came back to some of the rudest comments I have ever seen in my life. I have to say foul doesn’t even describe them. I was shocked. I thought setting up a fundraiser was the right thing to do. I tried to explain my thoughts and intent and was met with more nasty comments. I do not operate like that I do not post things like that in an open forum. If I have a problem with someone I write them directly. It is the proper thing to do. I never thought people would perceive my effort to help as anything else then what it was… help.

I appreciate that most of you have asked for the truth instead of assuming what you read is the whole truth. I can assure you a the people who wrote that stuff didn’t take the time to do the same. This was/ is plan. I have no intention of crumbling under a few people who assume the worst. I intend to sell magazines and get the money to Caity if she doesn’t want it then there are people who email me daily that could use it. Yes, I help a lot of people and no I do not brag about it. I do so because I live using the Golden Rule.

“Tiffany asked me about what the other bloggers were saying here is my response.

I am not motivated by $$$ I make plenty. I was motivated to help. I thought a large fundraiser will go a long way. I contacted two companies to get stuff for an online baby shower today that we are trying to organize for her. I also agree to donate my superpoint $$ to Caity. The fact is efundraiser pays that way. If you buy a magazine any day of the week from any of our sites we get a percent. That is how we make money blogging. In this case Caity would also get a portion of the sale on something we all already sell. I did say the blogger gets paid, Caity gets paid and the customer saves.

You asked what I intended to do with my earning I intended to ask my child’s school if they would support this fundraiser and any profit I made would be used to buy equipment to assist a child with learning disabilities. I appreciate you asking. I assure you I donate 1/3 of my income monthly to causes and people I believe in.. do ask the bloggers with the torches about their donation records.”

just a quick recap last month I organized 80 bloggers to donate backpacks, I sold ad space to buy my son’s school a TV, I wrote a chapter in a book to help children with special needs cook, I donated 7 hours helping other bloggers get their businesses off the ground and I spent an entire day not working on my own site but working on something that I hoped would really help Caity.

I wrote this so you understand because I need to spend time organizing an event for this Wednesday that will help spread the word about Autism. I value each and everyone of you . I feel that you  know that I pay it forward and spend a great deal of my time doing for others. I can’t convince you of something that I wasn’t doing I can only state the truth.

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  1. Melissa says

    I think what you are doing is great. It doesnt matter if you make a cut of the profit. The fact that you are offering to help and give money is the most important thing. I have 5 young children, one with severe cerebral palsy and my spouse battled stage 3 colon cancer this year. My spouse’s boss made her choice between the chemo needed to save her life or her job. So now we are struggling with no job and lots of medical bills. If it wasn’t for friends and family helping out we would have lost our home by now. Just the fact that you are willing to help this family shows what a great person you are. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  2. Johna DeRosier says

    I feel what you are doing is AWESOME!!, You don’t need to justify what you do do to ANYBODY!! If you were shady/crooked/not honest, you wouldn’t have as many followers as you do. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Alisha L says

    What I find funny is that the blogger that you’re not “fond of” is the very same blogger, who for over a year, personally ran the blog that has the link to the original fund raiser (with no $9 profit being made off any sale going to the person hosting it), with Caity before Caity got her own blog.
    Why would she not give her the money? Further more, the blogger is promoting a chip in link that isn’t even linked to her paypal. How would she have access to the funds unless she knows how to get into the account.
    I know the blogger you’re not fond of. Who is she? She is one of the most honest, trust worthy people I know. She goes out of her way to help people without benefiting from it herself.

    Why after finding out that the $ was going to Caity’s best friend, and then being paypal’d to her, did you not just use the original chip in link that there already was? Why start another one where you, and all other bloggers that are participating would profit from it? ($9 to you, and $6 to Caity, with the option of them putting the full amount in, IF THEY WANT TO, because they shouldn’t work for free, like you said, right?) Why not just grab the code and promote that one? Why profit? Why even tell people that they can profit from it?

    Why not share the original?

    • merrilee says

      really get off her,move on with your bad self,If you cant read or figure out stuff for yourself maybe you shouldn’t open your mouth,I’m not sure why Madamdeals feels like she should stick up for her self as she is obviously helping out with this cause….

  4. says

    I am sorry there are such closed minded rude people in the world. To me, it looks like you did nothing wrong. I am just getting started in blogging. I work as a freelance virtual assistant and writer. Anything you can do to make money (i.e. selling magazines) you have to do it. If you aren’t earning anything, you cannot keep your site going and get the information you provide out to your readers. Your encouraging other bloggers to do the same was not wrong because it was for the right reason! Helping someone who just lost their husband and has two kids and one on the way is a great thing. She will need all the help she can get. So, I am glad you are doing so much good with your blog and the funds you receive. Hopefully one day I can be in a position to help others more!

  5. Lora Mccracken says

    I wish I had the know how to do what you do. I am a member of several blogs. Some I check everyday, some I don’t but what I see is a vast network of caring people helping others, including me. I live on a limited income, the deals, coupons and discounts help me get things I need and want. I try to pass on these deals to family and friends who also benefit from the hard work of you and other bloggers. As illogical and insane as it is, there is always someone with evil intentions trying to make bad out of good in every situation. I think what you’re trying to do for this family who’ve lost their loved one is indescribeably wonderful. Keep doing what you’re doing. If we all had your insight our world would change dramatically. A death threat is serious. The person who threatened you needs professional help and legal action taken. Even if they don’t follow through on their threats to you, they may someday harm someone else. God Bless You

  6. Molly Merklin says

    I know you are doing nothing but good for everyone. We all need to save money and yet few of us know all the tricks to do it. You help us do that the best ways possible. I appreciate all you do for us and your causes! Don’t let the few mean people in this world get to you too badly. I believe in you and all you support! 🙂

  7. says

    After reading everything – I am appauled that other bloggers would behave that way towards you. Sorry you went through that – simply unethical and sad when they start witch hunting other bloggers in public forums.

    Keep up your good work !
    Nanas Deals and More

  8. Kelsie says

    I don’t believe that you deserved to be judged by anyone making their own assumptions. That’s not right. It sounds like you do more to help people each month than a lot of people I know have ever done to help anyone else out and rather than people attacking you, maybe they should use that time to make some sort of positive contribution to someone else’s life or their own. Keep doing what you’re doing because you feel good about helping others. There will always always be someone there to try and bring you down. Keep doing good anyways. Good things are going to happen to those who deserve them.

  9. Brooke says

    I believe it is wonderful that you can use your following and reach to help bring some aid to someone that needs the rally and support everyone pulling together can give. Ignore the naysayers and I feel horrible that you even have to be into a position where you feel or need to justify what you are doing and why you are doing it. Like it or not, this world does have those people in it and don’t let them bring you down. You have and continue to amazing things and I have first hand seen the difference you have contributed and made. You are inspirational and the world would be far better if we had more that followed your golden rule.

  10. Lori says

    Thank you for all you do, Lora is right, some people are not happy to let good be good. Thank you for all of the deals, coupons and help with saving money. We are able to afford the kind of groceries that only other people with greater incomes can afford. Keep on keepin on…..

  11. says

    i do not blog,don’t really even know how.i think you should be thanked not threatened.i know the bloggers do a lot,i can understand a little misunderstanding,this goes a little far.i hope you keep doing what you do .thank you for everything you do

  12. Lisa Burchfield says

    People suck. There are a few nice ones and a lot of mean ones. The mean ones spend all their time trying to hurt the nice ones so that they dont have to look at the difference. Just be yourself and the important people will never doubt you. The others dont matter—-except to their own small, lonely, mean self. Thank you for making the world a better place, and I wish you luck and safety and peace.

  13. Karen Hand says

    I commend you on your efforts and quite frankly, am amazed that someone would threaten you with bodily harm. As a retired certified paralegal, I look at the legal point of view, and would suggest that you report the matter to your local authority. There are agencies throughout the United States that deal with this type of harassment, etc. One can never be to safe. As for your volunteer work, congrats to you. I have enough on my hands with a chronically ill spouse to do much outside the home, although I would like to get more involved. It takes a special person to care and do as much as you are doing for others, and I’m sure your efforts will be rewarded, although I know that you aren’t seeking the same. Just hold your head high and stand your ground. Thank you for all that you do for us.

  14. Jo says

    In your heart you know what you are doing is the right thing. Mean people are usually very insecure or very jealous. Keep up the fantastic work.

  15. carol pennington says

    .There is something about the Internet that gives some the anonymity to do things they would never do in person (I would hope not anyway). There is always someone who just wants to stop you. Your intentions are good – thank you for sharing them. (And it makes sense to me to find creative ways to get $ to this woman as there are people who wouldn’t donate to paypal but would order a magazine with a portion going to her)

  16. says

    Sorry to hear you were trying to do a good thing for someone and got to hear such negativity from people. Say a prayer and move on. They obviously need help and must have forgot what their parents taught them and what they probably teach their kids, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Do good things for people and good things will happen to you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I feel this way, we never know what tomorrow will bring and would want someone to be there for us if we ever had to go through a tragedy. You find support from the most unlikely people sometimes. I truly commend you for thinking about others and not being selfish as many are today.

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