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I am attending community college this semester which has been a n eye opener in more ways then one. I have always wanted to learn to use my camera. I have a cannon EOS Rebel XSI. I always wanted a nice camera so one year my husband “bought” me one. He actually used airline miles to get me one. I have taken some great shots. They have all been very lucky. I wanted to actually learn how to use the camera because there isn’t anything more important to me then preserving our memories. I thought I would share the top three things I learned last week. I am sure you may know these things I had NO idea. I am never embarrassed by what I do not know if I am willing to learn.

1) Tip one put on a lens hood on your camera because it will aid in the protection of your lens

2) Buy a UV Lens Cover  

3) I learned when you are going to take a picture on AUTO then hold down the button 50% of the way and let the SLR camera make corrections. You should not just mash down the button.

4) I learned that you should take tons of pictures and move a little bit at time to obtain the proper coverage of your subject.

5) I last cool thing that I learned what shutter speed was. I had no idea what that number meant on my camera.

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