The Best part of my Job

Is I get boxes. I know I feel like a little kid when ever the post person or UPS person comes to my door. The reason is simple I rarely know what they are going to bring me. I order a lot of stuff online. It is part of being a blogger. I also receive a lot of great things for being a blogger. This is what I received today. I can’t wait to taste what I got. The next best thing about my job is hosting giveaways so I can make sure you get cool things delivered to your door.

yes, the picture is upside down that is just how I feel today… life my life is upside down :) This should help make it better! I love CANDY!

I hope you win the $200 <– Click there  or one of the other prizes…. coach purses, $100 in kitchen goodies, a subscription to savings angels and more!You can see all my events here .


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