The $100 Story

$100 Story

$100 story
I believe with every good deed a life is changed. I started the $100 story to show people that the impact of $100 can actually change people’s lives for the better. The $100 story started a couple of years ago. You can read about it here in my Madame Deals $100 Story.

This is where we are for this year so far. I start with $100. I received this request in my email on facebook.

  • I was writing to ask you for your help. If you’re able to help, if not it’s okay. We’re trying to help a family with Christmas but we don’t even have much money ourselves. There is a family with 3 little girls, there ages ranges from 16 months, 2 years, and 6 years. Their mommy was tragically killed a few months ago by a drunk driver, she was pregnant at the time. The father of the girls is trying his best, he works construction so money is very tight. Her family is fighting him for custody and its a big mess. Anything would help. We’re trying to get them some toys together and we have a Santa lined up to help us deliver them. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    and I responded… I sent three gifts one for each little girl amount spent $35   still left $65

    and this happened as a result of sharing my donation…

    • Hi I wanted to help with the Christmas gifts. Do you have any other information about the family other than their ages? Do they require toys to be new in box? Thank you. I know how hard it can be and when my family can help we really try to reach out.

      and this….

      • Hello,
        I am writing about the 3 little girls in need of Christmas gifts. I have a few things for them already (and plan to get a few more)…Where do I send them to? Do you have additional info such as their likes, sizes, names, etc? Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for all of us!!
        PS If you would like to pass this message on to the fan who originally posted the request, that is fine by me!

      …. I would like to give one of you the opportunity to help someone as well…

      Recap amount of people helped
      3 little girls

      Helped by three people

      If you want to donate to the $100 let me know… [email protected] subject: $100 story
      I get many request to help people and I can’t do it on my own.

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  1. says

    If i won the $ 100.00 dollar story i would take the proceeds and purchase some gifts from my shop and would give them to a mother or girl that would otherwise go without a gift this holiday season.

  2. Tina Nichols says

    I have always been a single mother. My son graduated college in May 2013 and 4 days later moved to another state to start working in his career field. This is the longest he and I have been apart and we are missing each other. My parents are in their late 70’s and they paid for him to fly home to spend the week of Christmas with his Mum :-). My parents cannot afford to carry the cost of the flight and I’d love to be able to pay them back for the entire cost; a $100 would be a huge help!

  3. says

    I want to help someone else because I have been and still somewhat are in their shoes. I lost a child 7 years ago and after loosing him i wasn’t myself , wasn’t able to work because of the depression I was going through. It was very hard to make ends meet. I was lucky enough to be blessed with another child 5 years ago ( a beautiful little girl) and I tried my best to see the good in life. I was and still am a single mom and it was very hard to find enough money for presents and still take care of bills. I don’t want anyone to be in that situation. My daughter is happy with any amount of presents she gets and she also like to help others and make them smile. last year she donated one of her birthday presents to the giving tree at church. She said mommy I want to make them smile and be happy like I am. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  4. sarahmarie jerome says

    I would like to help them too with what I can.. I lost my sister too back in 1996 to a stroke.. she was only 29 n left a husband n two children… It was such a rough time for the whole family.. I Understand how he must be struggling with his loss n taking care of girls n working too… let me know what I can do to help them..

  5. Dawn D says

    Such a wonderful idea. It hasn’t been the greatest year for me, I’ve pretty much lost everything. My son and fiance are happy and healthy and I continue work with my diaper bank so I am still grateful. I know there is a lesson in this somewhere so I continue to keep my head up.

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