Thanksgiving Dinner $50 Giveaway

Thanksgiving Dinner $50 Giveaway

Thanksgiving Dinner

Win $50 for Thanksgiving Dinner

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  1. Trisha B. says

    Growing up, my mom always made the best thanksgiving dinners and her gravy is something I’ll never forget. We make the same gravy every year still.

  2. beth kelsay-embrey says

    Favorite memory is helping my dad fix the turkey. That was the one time of the year he cooked and 50+ years later i think of his mess in the kitchen every Thanksgiving. He dirtied every single item in the kitchen :)

  3. Aesha T says

    My favorite memory is watching my sin spend Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It had been the first Thanksgiving with them and he was 5.

  4. Leona Evans says

    I have many great memories. Our family always gets together to eat and watch the children play, take family photos and get ready for Christmas.

  5. Becky Horn says

    My fondest memories are of the ones with my family growing up, I have since lost my mom, dad, sister, and grandmothers. My family is no longer with us. Now we have our own dinners with me, the husband and our 5 kids. Which is nice. But I do miss the rest of my family on the holidays!!!

  6. Vickie says

    My answer has changed over time…it is always about the great southern more and more it is about just being with everyone…as great grand, grand parents and parent..aunts and uncle..even a child have gone to God is is NOW only about the time together and memories of cooking together, telling stories around the table and just loving one another.

  7. Susan Willard says

    My best Thanksgiving memory was the one that my son who had been deployed to Iraq the year before came home safe. He had been scheduled to come home several times and it just didn’t happen. While he was deployed I watched every newscast, watched every news website just hoping for a picture of him. This was at the beginning of the Iraq war and it was terrifying being here and him being there and not much mail was getting through. God answered our prayers and brought him back home to his wife, his two daughters and to all of his family who prayed for him everyday he was gone. Needless to say, I fixed all of his favorite foods, but that was no surprise, I always fix everyone’s favorite dishes for them. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  8. Dawn says

    My favorite memory was taking my 3 young daughters to Walt Disney World on Thanksgiving & the hotel providing an amazing meal when we got back. That was years ago.

  9. Toni Hutchison says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was spending Thanksgiving with my dad and family. My parents divorced when I was very small and I spent summers with him. As I got older, I got to busy to go as much. So when my son was 4, we got to go spend Thanksgiving with my dad and the family and it was amazing. My dad passed away a year later, so that made it even more special!

  10. says

    Thanksgiving is HUGE at our house!! Bigger than Christmas. We have a large family and everyone comes to my house. We keep a basket on the table over the month of November and write something every day that we are thankful for. Then, before the meal, we go around and everyone pulls a paper out of the basket and reads it aloud. It is a great family tradition.

  11. Jeanna says

    I would have to say it was the year I made Pumpkin Pie from scratch & everyone ate it saying how good it was only to find out later it was terrible! I don’t bake anymore!

  12. Karen says

    One of my favorite Thanksgivings would be the year that my first grand-babies were born, my oldest son traveled from WI with his daughter, and my youngest was there with his son. We started out Thanksgiving day at my in-laws across the state, it was bit bitter sweet because they had had a second home on their property that they had extra kitchen space and were storing some of the food burnt down the day before Thanksgiving. But it was still a great time with them especially now that they are no longer with us.

  13. Amanda Yoder says

    Growing up, my great-grandmother hosted Thanksgiving and it was the only time of year the whole large extended family saw each other. great-aunts, great-uncles, cousins, aunts, uncles, it was amazing! Since then she has passed and the family is in different spots of the country and so I miss those days/memories lovingly

  14. heather eg kaufman says

    I miss family dinners. We are many generations military & 4 out of 6 siblings are currently in the military. We have not had a family dinner in MANY years :(

  15. Carolyn Arroyave says

    When I was a kid the families all lived close by so my grandmother always had a huge Thanksgiving dinner for about 40 people. My grandfather even built a special long table to seat everyone.

  16. Joyce C. says

    Being with family and all of us cooking together. Then just enjoying each other’s company, playing games, watching football, eating leftovers! Year after year enjoying the same!

  17. Amanda Alvarado says

    My favorite Thanksgiving was the one 6 years ago – my dd’s 1st! I had her the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She was a blessing I never expected to be blessed with! She took both dh and I by surprise….there are 14 years between her and my ds!

  18. Barbara Montag says

    I remember the year I made my first Thanksgiving dinner.
    Was so nervous – everything turned out great.
    Thank you.

  19. Dorothy Hubbard says

    The last Thanksgiving I had before my mom died. We didn’t usually spend Thanksgiving together, but that year we did. I will always remember that we were together one last time.

  20. Elizabeth Soriano says

    My favorite childhood memory of Thanksgiving was when my entire family came together and united in prayer to give thanks for each and everyone one of us and then we would sit down and eat all together as the family that we we were. i will NEVER forget those precious memories. ????

  21. Susan Christy says

    We have a small family, and one year no one could come for Thanksgiving, so my parents made lasagna and we all went bowling. It was so much fun, and I still remember that 45 years later!

  22. April Jennings says

    Going to my grandparents and eat all of their yummy food. My grandpa died almost 12 yrs ago (he had Alzheimers) and now my grandma is 91. It would be nice to give her a great Thanksgiving dinner this year.

  23. melissa leyh says

    My favorite thanksgiving memory is my grandparents coming to visit, and just being able to spend time with them enjoying them, my grandparents have passed but we made memories every thanksgiving we created a table cloth with each of our handprints, which we cherish til this day

  24. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my Grandmother’s family came fro Scotland to join all of us. I don;’ think I ever saw my Grandmother more happy. She hadn’t seen her family for almost twenty years. Everything just tasted even better that day, I’m sure because of the happy atmosphere.

  25. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says

    As I was growing up, all the relatives came to our house and we would have an awesome Thanksgiving feast. My mom was the best cook I know. Her mashed potatoes were to die for. Everything was so delicious. I miss those times.


    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is coming home to a house filled with the smell of a turkey baking,fresh cornbread dressing and Glade country gardens air freshener, My dad always had to buy that scent for the holidays, too bad they discontinued it.

  27. says

    I cannot remember one thanksgiving in particular that stands out above the rest, but I do love being with family, enjoying each others company and sharing an amazing meal together.

  28. Carolee Davis says

    Growing up, my Mom always fixed the BEST meals. Not just Thanksgiving. Now it’s one of our nieces and a sister.

  29. Regina Welch says

    Thanksgiving wasn’t much my dad raised us and he always bbq’ed and when I grew up I raised my kids on my own so until I finally was able set my own hours I finally learned to cook thanksgiving dinner now dads gone and the kids are grown but still insist on coming home for for my food so new memories with my 2 kids and the grand why and of course my kids friends always come for my dirt pie.

  30. April Yedinak says

    My favorite memory is when my Grandma taught me how to make her delicious stuffing. I still make it the same way and I always think of her when I do.

  31. says

    My favorite memory is from decorating Holiday cookies with my grandmother. We started at about Thanksgiving time and continued through December. She was an amazing baker and cook and I learned a lot from her. She didn’t even need to measure ~ Which still amazes me!
    Amie Olson

  32. tori says

    Having the whole family together. We don’t all get together anymore because my family is about as dysfunctional as they come but we use to kinda miss it but people change I guess.

  33. TRACY SIMMS says

    when I was 6, having my grandmother wake me up to help with Thanksgiving dinner..I was tired but we had funn! miss her sooo much..thanks

  34. Gina Williams says

    Thanksgiving has always been “The” holiday for our entire family to gather, for several reasons. Not only was it a day for all of us to unite as a family & give thanks, we also celebrated 2 birthdays! Mine 11/22 & my youngest son 11/27. Every rotating 4 years, our birthdays land on Thanksgiving. So we are literally killing 3 birds with one stone. Yes, pun intended.

  35. Melanie Morris says

    As a child, Thanksgiving at my Mamaw’s house was the best. Her house smelled like turkey, dressing and cranberries. She had a small aluminum silver tree with one of those lights with 4 colors that you put in front of it. So much fun.
    Now, love spending the day with my hubby, daughter, her hubby and granddaughter when we can on Thanksgiving. But I am thankful for them all year. :)

  36. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    Fighting over the wishbone with my brother. Eating pumpkin pie til you feel like you are going to bust.

  37. Terry K says

    Having the large table and two card tables (with all of the kids) filled with family, having great holiday eats and laughs.

  38. TS says

    Being at my grandmother’s house with about 16 family members taking in all of the wonderful smells of the Thanksgiving Feast.

  39. candace says

    my favorite memory is putting my grandmother’s christmas tree up after we ate our meal!! and drawing names for secret santa!

  40. Judy H says

    Used the stove in the basement put turkey in went upstairs to prepare the rest for our guest.When I went down to check on it a few hours later the oven door had fallen off.Was so hot husband good only get it to stay on by wedging a chair to stay on. Dinner was a little late but we all still enjoyed our dinner.

  41. Jodi Shaw says

    What a wonderful thing to do! Thank you. We host Thanksgiving dinner for family & any friends who have no family locally to share with. This would certainly help immensely.

  42. Lucy Lopez says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was last year when my grandson came to spend it with us. Had not seen him in 7 years. We had a great time together.

  43. Tina says

    My favorite memory was spending Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach Campground with my parents ( who were on the way to Florida) snowbirds. It was relaxing fun and after dinner no football just dolphins on the beach. and lots of memories.
    Thanks for the chance and Good Luck to all!

  44. Gina says

    My favorite moment was sharing hot chocolate with my daughter at the nearest café after having stood out in the cold watching the Thanksgiving parade. We were overjoyed about the big balloons we had seen and we were so happy to remove all the chills with our hot drink.

  45. Amber says

    My Grandmother always made the Thanksgiving dinner. I miss that now that she is gone. Wish I could make anything close to what she prepared.

  46. jodi frasier/lasher says

    My favorite memory was back in 2009 because it was the last year that my brother Don spent it with us .. He took his own life in 2010.

  47. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is the last thanksgiving that I spent with my grandfather before he became very ill. He knew that he was getting sick and before he forgot due to his illness he set me down after dinner and gave me his special watch. I wish he was able to remember that day.

  48. Stephanie Phelps says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is the first year I got to host the whole family coming to my house and how much work it was but how fun it was to have my Mom come and stay with me to show me the ropes and how much fun we had together!

  49. bernice rodriguez says

    my favorite memory is that last year we had a family dinner in peace and had a lot of fun with my kids and husband

  50. Seyma Shabbir says

    My fav THX memory was when we were in germany when my dad was in Army and we would invite some soldiers from my dads unit for dinner. One year my mom accidently caught the rag to pull out the turkey on fire. Was so funny!

  51. Linda Treadwell says

    my favorite Thanksgiving memory would be years ago. My mother used to waitress and all the single older people that use to sit on her counter would come to Thanksgiving at our house. They didn’t have any family, so we all got together as a big family. We had the best time eating and we laughing.

  52. Ann Fantom says

    My favorite Thanskiving memory is going to my grandmother’s house and all my aunts, uncles and cousins were there along with my great grandparents.

    This was a long time ago!

  53. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is spending the day helping my Grandmother and cleaning up afterwards. She use to always tell us to try everything, even if we didn’t like it, just so that we can say that we had it. I didn’t like sweet potatoes or cranberry sauce. Now, I like both.

  54. Kendra Gillilan says

    This is a hard Thanksgiving, my mom passed on Thanksgiving last year and I still of course go on as dad and the rest of us are here and love those smells of turkey etc.

  55. Karen Mac says

    Thanksgiving has always been such a special holiday in my family. Sadly my parents will be missed, but this year I will continue their tradition with my family. I just got married 3 weeks ago, and we have a 20 mth old son that is a blessing in himself. I had cancer and was told I could never had children and I was blessed with my miracle. We have so much to be thankful.

  56. Diane Murray says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is being in my parents house, smelling all of the good food cooking, hearing all of the loud laughter of my siblings and their families as we enjoy a full day of family togetherness. I am so thankful for every year we get to do this.

  57. Hannah Baldwin says

    My mom always made a huge Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, including homemade stuffing. My job was to tear up an entire loaf of bread. I always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a bowl on my lap while I tore up the bread!

  58. katie b says

    Loved watching the parade in the morning when I was a kid. Now I look forward to all the side dishes that go with the turkey.

  59. Tara Hundley says

    Helping my mom make dinner, and then playing board games and eating pumpkin pie! Now we have that tradition with my kids.

  60. Anne Lord says

    my husband and I decided years ago thanksgiving would be our holiday. We invite any friends and family to come if they wish but usually we make our own meal with all the extras and watch the parades and dog show its so peaceful and thankful time for us

  61. Diana Smith Hill says

    My favorite memory is when all of us went to my grandmothers house for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone was there.. it was so great to be with everyone for three days.

  62. Cathy French says

    When I was a child, we did not go to a family member’s home or did we cook a thanksgiving dinner at home. Instead, we went to a buffet restaurant to eat as it was only just my parents and myself. I don’t really have any favorite moments from then. For the last 14 years my boyfriend and I eat at his mother’s home but right after dinner we leave to come home and watch football so I don’t really have any favorite moments during this time either. Guess it is just not a traditional holiday for me except for the yummy food.

  63. Stephanie R. says

    My favorite memory of Thanksgiving growing up would have to be……before age 8. I recall going to my grandmas house and becoming so excited that there was so much food. Times were tough growing up, so a meal like the one we got when visiting grandma during the holidays was one to treasure. To this day, when I think about the past, I remember family gatherings at grandma Shirley’s house.

  64. lpcaton says

    For the past 3 years I have been cooking dinner for atleast 15 single soldiers and some with families. I enjoy cooking a big meal and I can’t stand the thought of them eating thanksgiving dinner at the dfac :(

  65. Felicia Nicole Bergan says

    Last thanksgiving with my mow husband and daughter because it was the first “family” thanksgiving I’ve ever had

  66. Bobbie Foust says

    Its the mishaps that or traditions that is memorable for us. Everybody use to groan on the inside when dad use to take picture of everybody eatting at the tables. He would always get you with your mouth open or shoveling food into it. But everybody smiled and them would joke about it lol. Its like at the weddings the mishaps that make the memories. That and family, food and enjoyment that makes it.

  67. heidi eaton says

    My favorite memory of Thanksgiving is dinner at my sisters house before she passed. Her husband Tried to carve the turkey and we ended up with cubed turkey it was a riot. I ended up giving her a knife set for Christmas. We laughed about that for the next 2 yrs. that we had with her. That year was so much fun.

  68. Susan Cox says

    My favorite is the last Thanksgiving I spent with my mom- I was 13 years old and her and I baked alot and worked to make dinner together as she had a hard time doing things and would get tired easily from her cancer.

  69. Stephanie says

    My favorite memory is our after thanksgiving tradition of making cookies at my Aunts house and having a second turkey dinner!

  70. Bonna Keckley says

    My favorite thanksgiving memory is sitting around after a delicious meal looking over the sales ads for Black Friday shopping!

  71. Ruth chu says

    probably the one where i taught my mom how to cook a turkey. lol she always cooked it the same way and i told her put aromatics in it and rub herbs between breast n skin…it so moist now. she was skeptical

  72. Jennifer Hiles says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is the first Thanksgiving with my daughter. She was sick when she was born (right around Easter) so it was the first big holiday where she was healthy and happy.

  73. Robin Abrams says

    My Favorite memory is When we had Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house. My Grand mother always made the best homemade dressing. This is the first year that my mother wont be here as she passed in March :(

  74. Elise says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my uncle was telling a story at the table and leaned back, tipping his chair off the edge of the split-level dining room onto the floor of the living room- he was not hurt, and continued talking and telling his story as he laid on the ground with his feet in the air! This was at least 12 years ago, and we all still remember it and bring it up/

  75. tonya says

    So excited this year my hubby has had to work the last 3 years!! So its nice that this year with our new bundle if joy to spend it together as anfamily decorate our tree and start the holidays right!! Thanks for your hard work.

  76. Therese Prendergast Rooney says

    My best memories. Of thanksgiving were as a child. We always were at my grandparents house sledding down the hill that they lived on. Getting there. During snowstorms. My parents car. My poor Dad, stuck going up the hill in the snow. Being snowed in.
    Warm cozy memories of my mom and Nana Mary cooking. Grampa Owen teasing everybody. My brother and sister eighties haircuts
    My own boys playing there and loving it, just like me.

  77. Angela Lang says

    Would love to win this!

    Best memories of the holiday would be my family gathered in my home and having a wonderful time.

  78. Helen says

    One year in college I went to my cousin’s house and we had American food and Chinese food for Thanksgiving dinner. We had gone to the grocery store to buy a particular Chinese vegetable but for the life of us, we could not remember what it was called in English so we couldn’t ask the people at the store if they carried it when we couldn’t find it. We left the store without it.

  79. kymi a says

    My favorite thanksgiving memory is last year we had karaoke, football, lots of food, friends and family perfect day.

  80. Patricia says

    Every Thanksgiving our whole family gathered at my aunt’s house for a huge meal.We rotated all the holidays, everyone coming to our house for Christmas. It was great spending time with all the relatives at once.

  81. Paula Weintraut says

    Mom getting out the Electric Knife and Dad Cutting the Huge Bird, 7 kids mom and Dad made nine of us at the table! What a feast!

  82. Lee Ann Kaplan says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is learning how to make chocolate pies and chocolate chip cookies with my mom when I was 6. Even though my siblings were there too it felt like mom was just spending time with me. We really connected and still do connect when we are making good food for our family together.

  83. Kim S says

    One of the best Thanksgivings I can remember is going to my grandmother’s house and I was elected to make the turkey. Only when I put it in the pan, I put it in breast side down. When we got it to her, my family couldn’t believe I cooked it like that and no way would it taste good. My grandmother told me that it was the BEST turkey breast she had ever had because it was down in the juices and the white meat wasn’t dry. That was over 20 years ago. I still cook it breast side down to this day because it DOES make it juicier and not dry. I love it when a mistake winds up being a blessing. I sure do miss my grandmother, but we go to my mothers every year and that’s good for us. :)

  84. Jamie Kroening says

    My favorite memory of ThanksGiving is going to my grandparents house. My grandfather passed away last February and this will me the first Thanksgiving in 37 that he won’t be sitting at the table with us. We so will miss him this year,, but what great memories that we have o

  85. Jessica Lodge says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is going to a friends Aunts house when I first moved to NYC and having the BEST sweet potato/pecan pie I have ever eaten in my life.

  86. cortney walls says

    Believe it on not my best Thanksgiving memory was my son’s 1st Thanksgiving even though he was in the hospital. He had been so so sick, and had to have brain surgery. By Thanksgiving he was doing so much better, and we knew he would be ok. The staff at the hospital and volunteers went way out of their way to make sure that we had a wonderful meal and that year really opened our eyes to just how much we have to be thankful for

  87. carissa smith says

    Getting out of school the day before to help my mom bake pumpkin and apple pies. Setting up the table with all the good china and silverware and crystal.

  88. Dena Sablotny says

    What is your favorite Thanksgiving Memory? Leave me and let me know. Having turkey legs with my Grandma. She made the best food in the world!

  89. Terri Morgan says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was from 2 years ago. It was the last one we celebrated in my house where I raised my kids. Not only were my children there but my step daughter and nephew who had also lived with me at some point were also able to join us.

  90. Tina says

    My favorite memory is going down to my grandmas house and the whole family would be there. We would play with cousins we hadn’t . seen all year

  91. gail ward says

    When I was a child we had all the family over for a big Thanksgiving meal and everyone had so much fun.
    My mama cooked the best turkey that I have ever had .

  92. cindy mckean says

    When I was a kid my Nana would make Thanksgiving dinner and lots of the relatives would show up and it was just so much fun to hear their stories and play with my cousins.

  93. Angela Hendricks says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is every year, we watch the parade on TV while cooking and have our family over. No one year is better than the other. They are all wonderful memories!

  94. angelia medlin says

    Every Thanksgiving my grandparent would save me the wishbone, and the next day I would get to break it and dont matter what side I picked of the wishbone,They always said I get to have their wish, so I always got to make a wish. Everytime I see wishbones I think of them. Love it.

  95. Edward H. Reinholtz says

    I remember when I was young my Fathers Mother would every year outdo herself with Bigger and Bigger turkeys and tell us it would be her last and Mashed Potatoes and everything you can get on Thanksgiving . We had Turkey for days . I miss those days .

  96. Bernice Kalisz says

    Having all the family there and sitting around the big Oak table My Mom and Grandma could cook and laughing and sharing stories.

  97. Stefani says

    My favorite is the staying up to the wee hours with my mom helping her bake pies, making stuffing from scratch, etc. It was one of the few times I got Mom all to myself!

  98. Natalie U says

    Anyone in which my mom was alive, the best was probably right after my daughter was born. My mother passed a few months after thar.

  99. katie jalbert says

    Going Black Friday shopping. I have been going since I was 7 with my mom and it has continued to be a tradition for me and my family now.

  100. alena svetelska says

    my favorite memory was spending Thanksgiving with my grandparents,just sharing memories…Now when they r gone,miss them so much .

  101. Dottie says

    My fondest memory of Thanksgiving is when my Dad was still living and we lived on the farm. The whole family came to our house, and we’d laugh and talk and eat all day.

  102. Maureen Butcher says

    Some of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is spending time cooking with my daughter and her Gran in her kitchen. Then too my growing up years I always looked forward to the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  103. laura veytia says

    My favorite Thanksgiving was many years ago when my sister and brother lived in the same state and we got to together with my mom that was a good memory.

  104. Yvonne M says

    Growing up my family traveled due to the army. Our family consisted of other military families. I remember siting around the “kids” table with as many as 12 kids all together. Those are best times. Family is what you make it to be, all together celebrating. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. :)

  105. Gail Williams says

    I was the oldest of 5 children. I remember with greatest fondness my senior year and a meal with the whole family together before I went off to college. After I went off to college I never lived in the same town again as my siblings. My youngest sister was 4 years old. Now my 2 brothers and father have passed away. I think back on those early years with great warmth and feeling.

  106. Shirley Williamson says

    My favorite memory is watching my grandkids fight over the turkey legs. They are 3 yr old twin boys and it as hysterical watching them hold that big turkey leg

  107. michele barnette says

    My favorite memory was always when everyone was together.and we always spent the whole day into the evening playing games and talking

  108. Rhonda Breeding says

    My favorite memory was the first year I cooked a turkey. My grandmother was standing with me at the sink and she said to stick my hand inside the turkey, I looked at her and said, “You want me to stick my hand in it’s butt!?” She laughed so hard at that.

  109. Cassandra D says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is having The dinner with all of my family visiting from all over the world and helping out in the kitchen.

  110. Tina says

    I was 18 and stationed in Germany; this was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. The base Commander had the chow hall prepare a massive Thanksgiving feast and they decorated the dining area like a fancy restaurant (white table clothes, menus, flowers, etc). Everyone wore their Dress Greens (formal wear) and we sat at the tables and were served. It was the first and only time in 6 years of service I ever saw this done and it was a wonderful gesture to make everyone feel like they were with a family (of soldiers) even if they were not with their families at home.

  111. Margaret Keuffer says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when we were children. One of my brothers (he was about 5 or 6) carefully carried the board with the cooling pies into the dining room. He tipped the board to show my mother the pies while asking, are they ready yet? The pies slid off the board and fell top side down onto the carpeted floor. Priceless !

  112. Margaret Keuffer says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is of the year my husband and I invited 25 homeless people into our home for Thanksgiving dinner. They were a delight to get to know. They were truly thankful, but not as much as I was.

  113. Caryn S says

    The memories of going to see the Detroit Lions football games as a family are my favorite – was great to experience together.

  114. Pamela Gurganus says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is the last one where all of my grandparents were alive. I’d give anything to go back and relive that last special Thanksgiving where we were all together!

  115. Nichol Tone says

    My favorite memory was having thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents before they got sick and everyone in my fsmily started going different ways

  116. Kara says

    My last thanksgiving with my grandmother before she passed several years ago. She made a chocolate pie just for me even though she was really sick because she knew it was my fav.

  117. says

    Missing my grammy who prepared most my Thanksgiving dinners while growing up and never sat down! She took care of all her family and always showered tender loving care before she ate.

  118. Kayla Stutler says

    My favorite memory is last year when we surprised my family with the news of our second baby! I love spending time with my family all together.

  119. Adrienne Sydnor says

    Thanksgiving dinners as a child. My grandmother always let me help with the cooking and she took so much pride in that perfect golden brown butterball turkey, ham, yams corn pudding, rolls ,pies, cakes, greens… name it, she had it on the table. I try to keep the tradition up with my own family.

  120. Maura S. says

    When my mom and aunt were still alive we would get all the families together and have the most wonderful dinner. Good food, great fun, and always lots of love. I sure miss those days.

  121. rebecca budka says


  122. Tracy Cohee says

    It was a crazy Thanksgiving but it turned out amazing. I’d had the turkey in the sink thawing and had to run to the store for something. When I returned home I found only a picked dry carcass of the bird in the corner of my kitchen floor. My dogs had taken advantage of the opportunity. I was furious and frantic. Oh so angry with a full house a family expected very soon after. Ran back to the store and got a huge prime rib roast . Brought it home and served it instead. To this day every raved over the prime rib and the story has lived on. We all ate very well for that Thanksgiving holiday. Including the dogs.

  123. Stephanie Stevens says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is of the first Thanksgiving after I became a mom. While he wasn’t old enough to eat the dinner, I now had a family of my own. It was a sweet reminder that someday I would be the grandmother cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my children and grandchildren, as my grandmother did for her grand-babies.

  124. Kimberly Newcomb says

    This city girl going to the inlaws for the first thanksgiving and had to help clean and olunk the freshly killed turkey. It was awesome, the best time and the best tasting.

  125. Kimberly Frazee says

    Miss my Grandma Centerburg and my friend Bonnie at Thanksgiving a lot. Baby Love coming into our life was really a Blessing, she is the light of our life. Bonnie was a big part of my life for 30 years and lots of Holidays. I remember once I cooked the Turkey, Yeah never let me cook the Turkey Shoo. We go to get it out of the oven and I had left the gibblets and neck inside. It did turn out moist and the last one hadn’t lol. Itd be so good to hear her laugh like that again.

  126. Sara Dunn says

    My favorite part is the turkey!! My parents always have, and still deep fry our turkey! They shoot it up with some cajun seasoning first.

  127. crystal lane says

    Well i would say all my thanksgivings are normal and the same.But now i would have to say last years would be the most special to me.Because it would be the last one I got to share with my dad.Never thought i would miss him so much but I do and every day is a struggle not to mention my brother hung himself a week before thanksgiving 7 years ago.So this year although it will be spend the same way as usual will be extra heavy and hard on my heart.

  128. Traver Freeman says

    Every year as a kid we would see which cousin got to pull the wish bone and make a wish. It was always a fun time.

  129. Sue Sattler says

    My favorite memory is Thanksgiving 2010, it was the last one we had with my 25 year old son, he passed away Jan 2011. He was worried about a friend of his that didn’t have anyone to celebrate with. We invited his friend over, but he felt awkward and wouldn’t come over. So my wonderful son, made up three plates of food for him and we took it over to him. After spending another hour with family, my son went back to his friends, he said no one should be alone on the holidays.

  130. Angelia Gregory says

    Looking back now my favorite Thanksgiving memory was the last one I got to spend with my Mom before she passed away.I miss her so much!

  131. courtney hennagir says

    My favorite memory is my stepdad making his “dressing”. It was really terrible but he loved making it and I always pretended that I loved it. It backfired every year because he would keep dumping more on my plate.We lost him 4 years ago to cancer and I would give anything to taste that awful stuff again.

  132. jessica hughes says

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was 1990 LOL we were moving cross country by vehicle from Arizona to Massachusetts where my parents were born and raised. Well we thought we had left in plenty of time to be able to celebrate with the family. Unbeknown the troubles ahead!! The brakes went out on one of the vehicles we traveled in on a Sunday when everything was closed!! Waited until Monday fixed, on the road again!! The Uhaul we had been towing the axel snapped!! Unload Uhaul sleep in hotel and back on the road again LOL Needless to say YUMMMY Arby’s for Thanksgiving day who can beat that! Thank god the family was ready and waiting with a warm dinner for us when we finally arrived!! I was only 8 yrs old at the time I remember it as if it were yesterday!

  133. Noreen Plantz says

    When I was a child and we would go to my Grandparents for Thanksgiving with all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

  134. Cintia Scanlan says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my now husband called me from California to say that he missed me and was thinking of me. That conversation will always remain near and dear to me since it was the beginning of our now 5 3/4 years of marriage.

  135. says

    my best memory of thanksgiving was when i was little and my grandparents and other family members came to our house and cooked,talked,everyone got along that was over 30 years ago since then my grandparents and mother passed away but i will always have this good memory

  136. Marcia Walker says

    When my mother was alive our whole family got together at her house for holidays. She has been gone 5 years now and it hasn’t been the same since. We had some wonderful times all together.

  137. Amy says

    Every Thanksgiving my sister and cousins (who are 16, 15, and 14 years younger than me) would write a play and get props from around my grandmother’s house and perform it after dinner. Some of the funniest, cutest moments in our family. :)

  138. Charity Johnson says

    My favorite memory is of all of my family 30+ people gathering at my parents’ home to celebrate together two yrs ago. To have 4 generations of women together was awesome :)

  139. Hannah Avery says

    One of my favorites is spending it with my great great aunt in Ohio, and her big fun family. There were lots of yummy desserts, and the next morning we went Black Friday shopping. After the meal, we gathered, and expressed what we were thankful for .

  140. Aisha Winbush says

    Sharing it with my daughter when she was only a few weeks old. Had a tough delivery and so i was very thankful to have her by my side that day.

  141. Jennifer Speed says

    my favorite Thanksgiving memory was before my grandpa died and we went to South Carolina to go to my aunties house.

  142. Robin says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when we all come together as a family, no drama, no attitudes, just family spending quality time together–cooking, eating, laughing—LOVING! :( Hurts my heart that I haven’t had that since I was a kid.

  143. Tenley Erickson says

    My favorite Thanksgiving Memory was the last Thanksgiving when my Dad was alive. He passed away in 1993. Every day that we get to spend with our loved ones gives us so much to be thankful for!

  144. Lorna Patrick says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memories are all the years I got to spend it with my Mom before she went to heaven. I lost my Mom to Alzheimer’s way too young and miss her so very much!!

  145. Julie Wood says

    My favorite memory is the year I told my mom how much I loved the stuffing we’d had at our friend’s house on Thanksgiving. She then told me it was made with giblets. I was sick.

  146. Lynzee Richelle says

    Spendings hours each year slaving in the kitchen with my mom and sister. Feasting together and sharing what we are thankful for around the dinner table.

  147. Tiffiny Wake says

    Favorite Thanksgiving was when I was a child….my entire family would come to our house.. More food than you could imagine. Everyone dressed nice and got along. We used the good China and good silver. Classic and classy! The perfect family day

  148. Becky Bartlett says

    My Grandma’s Yummy clover leaf rolls they were so good and no matter how hard my Aunt’s try they will never taste like Grandma’s

  149. Rita says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when I made my first Turkey. It came out great but I forgot to take the giblet bag out!

  150. Debbie Hickmon says

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the one after my Mom had her stroke and she had learned to walk again, and walked to the kitchen table. I have never forgot that, and still cry when thinking of it. She was so proud of herself. And us, of her.

  151. Linda N says

    Every year getting to spend the holiday with my family where we all have one big meal together and enjoy each other’s company.

  152. Katie B. says

    Getting up early to help Mom in the kitchen and then taking a break to watch the parade then waiting patiently for all of my family to arrive.

  153. says

    For me will be this year. I live in Michigan and my 3 kids live in Oregon. I just had a new grandson 4 weeks ago and I also have 3 more grandson 1 1/2 ..3 ..and 5 years of age. Im going back to Oregon and surprising them for thanksgiving…I think it will be the best of all memories for us all. It will be the first time I see our new grandson. im so excited…

  154. Debra Mahadeo says

    I love the smells of turkey, cranberry sauce, squash, & pumpkin pie. I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating, & watching football.

  155. sarah o. says

    My favorite thanksgiving memory is when my family had a first thanksgiving after moving to the other side of the country. Because it was just us 4 together for thanksgiving we had a lot of fun preparing everything together.

  156. Alison King says

    Last Thanksgiving was my first with my boyfriend, which we spent with his friends in LA. Warmest Thanksgiving I’ve ever had!

  157. Jodi Shaw says

    So many wonderful memories… Probably my best was the first year with my daughter. Watching my mom smile ear to ear watching her granddaughter enjoying her first Thanksgiving… every year before this one, sharing Thanksgiving with my family. This will be our first holiday without my Mom, so it will be a very difficult one for us all… especially dad…

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