Tastefully Simple

As the holiday as quickly approaching…. I often get invited places and I used to have nothing to bring… I mean kids yogurt isn’t made for sharing. I solved that problem by grabbing a couple of the tastefully simple products that I can whip up quickly and appear gourmet.I love the nana’s apple cake it makes a yummy treat… and the beer bread with a soup!!! Yummy!


One of my friends offered this deal for you all to enjoy:
The biggest shopping day of the year is here, and you are in for such a treat! You will receive discounts on your orders during different times of the day. If I am on the phone when you call, (It’s going to be a BUSY DAY) my voicemail & email record the time and date on all incoming messages. And the earlier you shop, the more you can save!

Here is how the discount works:
Call or e-mail me at [email protected]

6am – 6:59am…30% discount

7am – 7:59am…25% discount

8am -8:59am…20% discount

9am -9:59am…15% discount

10am -10:59am…10% discount

11am -11:59am…5% discount

Discounts are on Product Total
You can save if you shop till 8 pm Friday! You can still be a winner because all orders placed Friday will be put into a drawing & the winner will receive the beautiful Food You Love Cookbook FREE. PLUS you can earn an extra ticket for booking a party. Let me show you how to make the most of your crock pot at January parties!

Marie Jones
[email protected]
Team Leader

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