Target Update: New Deals & Coupon Changes

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Well, Target realesed new Target Printable Coupons today. The good news is that there as some additional good deals this week. The bad news, Target has now changed how their coupons are printed. For the old coupons, there were unlimited prints. Now, there will be a limit of two prints per household. This also means that the Target coupon generators will be phased out. You can read more about Target Printable coupons and their policy HERE.

Triscuits $2 and Wheat Thins $2
-$1 Target coupon AND
-$1 manufacturer coupon from the 11/8/09 SS inserts, makes them FREE!

Ritz Crackers $2.50
-$1 Target coupon AND -$1 manufacturer coupon from the 11/8/09 SS insert, makes it 50¢

Pepperidge Farm Baked Pretzel Thins and Sticks are $2.50
-$1 Target coupon AND –$1 printable ie link or ff link , makes it .50¢

Del Monte Canned Vegetables 45¢ x 8 = $3.60
-$1/6 Target Coupon AND -$1/8 manufacturer coupon from the 11/15/09 inserts, makes it .20¢ each

Market pantry pumpkin pie $3.99
-$1 Target coupon, makes it $2.99

Thanks Coupons Deals & More!

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  1. Sarah says

    The Target Wheat Thins/Triscuits coupon is only for the family size box. At my Target it was priced at 3.50 bringing it down with both coupons to 1.50.
    Thanks for the list!

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