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   I was so excited today. I was going to buy the Louis Vuitton bag that I have been saving for over the last 15 months. I made sure that all of my other responsibilities have been taken care of and are paid in full and ahead of schedule. You see I am a spend it “all” kinda of person. You read right I spend every penny I make each month. If I have $5 left in my account then I spend it. I spend it on my future (savings account, IRA) or I spend it on my children’s college fund. I have even spent it by paying $5 off of my mortgage. It doesn’t matter I like to have a zero balance. I also like to get rid of my disposal income and make it work for me.

 I think in life you need something to work towards. I worked two job and was a stay at home mom for almost two years. I gave up my other job and still have two jobs but not three. I decided I should take the extra income and pay ahead. I am proud to report I have the same amount I paid for my purse in my children’s account for prepaid college that means I have 3 months already saved. Yeah!

   Now for the story. I have to write this story because I can’t believe this one. I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Virginia. I tried on every purse I could find. This is a HUGE amount of money to me. I finally found a purse I liked. The problem was they didn’t have it in the pattern I was looking for. They offered to ship it to me. I asked if we could buy it online and have it shipped directly to me. I was told some misinformation about having to have had an account with Louis Vuitton for one year before I could buy things on the website. You all know I run a website so I know this couldn’t be the case. What company would only let people who already bought from them buy from them? How would you ever get new customers? I mean I may not have a closet full of Louis Vuittons and my elevator doesn’t go to a penthouse on Park Avenue but it does go to the top floor.

   I was informed that I could pay to ship this purse to the store. You read right pay to ship a purse that costs more than my mortgage to the store you know not to my house. I have to say Target doesn’t charge shipping on items over $50. Why does Louis Vuitton? If you look at the purse I have believe each LV cost $50 and they want to charge me $15 to get the purse to the store. Then I have to wait for them to mail it to me.  Crazy! What a poor customer experience. I am buying a luxury item and you are charging shipping. How about have stock on hand or do not charge a customer to receive their item? I mean is $15 going to break you Louis Vuitton?

   Then my story slowly went down hill from there. I provided my credit card to the sales associated. I was told my bag would be ordered and I should receive it in a couple of days. I kept thinking about the web site and it didn’t sit well with me if something smells fishy then there is a fish.

  I went on to eat lunch. I had no idea what my purchase was going to cost because I didn’t receive a receipt. I thought well maybe the rich do not care how much things cost. I also thought they may have emailed it to me since I provided my email. You know trendy places email your receipt.

  When I got home I realized I had not received an email of my purchase. I promptly called Louis Vuitton and spoke to a sales associated. We looked in the system and my purse was never ordered. You read right they never ordered my purse! I was furious! I cancelled my order with the store. I placed an order with the online sales department. I hope to receive my purse soon.

This is why Target is better than Louis Vuitton. They accept coupons. They have FREE shipping on orders over $50. If you say you would like to buy something they actually take your order. You will receive email confirmation on said order. The sales team normally knows their own policies. If I didn’t spend 15 months working towards this purse I would not have bought. I can tell you my next designer bag will not be a Louis Vuitton I expect exceptional service with a price tag like that!

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    I am so sad to hear about this experience. I own a few LV purses, all purchased at a store. You must have gotten someone who has NO idea what they were doing, and was maybe trying to rip you off! LV is very good about giving receipts–I still have mine from 2 purses purchased 11 years ago! I have a purse that the leather strap is coming apart, and they are going to replace and reship to my home at no charge. There is no way you need to be a member online before you can order from the site because they would have an EXTREMELY limited costumer base. I am so sorry 🙁 I am an LV and COACH girl, and one of the things I have always loved is the customer services these companies have offered.

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    Sounds to me that store needs to be turned into the BBB. Plus you must have patience of a saint because me I have a low wick on things like that. You don’t mess with my family & you don’t mess with my money least of all you don’t mess with me. I probably would’ve created a scene and demanded to talk to the store owner. That’s why I don’t shop in those kind of stores. Hubby couldn’t afford all the bond money! hehehe

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