Rachel Ray: What's for dinner…

So I am still learning to cook. I think I will always be a student in the kitchen luckily I am a teacher outside of the kitchen. I have a new love the farmer's market. I never got my act together before and ventured down the road to attend. The one near us is open from 2-6 on Tuesday which is nap time. I now know it is worth the balancing act of grabbing the kids right after nap and getting dinner starting ┬áin oder to; run over there and get my produce. It is cheaper than the grocery store and … [Read more...]

What's for dinner Rachel Ray

Gazpacho Pasta Okay so throw out your sales flyers this week (you do not need them anyway since we tell you what to buy on our site and save 50% or more) Why, you ask? Well most of you have these ingredients growing in your garden if not find a farmer's market. Renae is the gardener in this partnership and I know she has a lot of these wonderful veggies growing so I am happy to pair this recipe with her garden's bounty. Here is Rachel Cooking it for you 2 pints grape tomatoes 2 medium … [Read more...]