ASK A Blogger: Pinterest


Pinterest is all the rage right now. Showing off your pics can help get traffic to your site and in turn, potentially increase your revenue. Adding a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Page can help get your Pinterest Page in front of your fans and hopefully, get them repining your photos. How to Set Up a Facebook Pinterest Tab: Sign up for a Pinterest account if you haven't already. Go to install a Static IFRAME Tab. Click "Install Page Tab" … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Where is your Blog Button?

  Where is your blog button? Why isn't it on your front page. The reason is simple you are on my site why do you need my button? The truth is my reader whom my site is created for does not have a need for my button. I mean what are they going to do with it? They do not need it so it isn't there. Your site is for your reader. If one of my readers wants my button they can ask for it. If they really want it I have to wonder why? I run my site by selling ads on my sidebar. I am not a … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Blogger or WordPress

I was thinking about my decision to move from Blogger to Wordpress and it occurred to me that Amee & I never mentioned why we chose over Both and (including Blogger) offer a FREE blogging platform. The difference between and is who hosts the blog. is similar to Blogger in that you get FREE hosting. is hosting the blog for you. is "self-hosted" meaning that you … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Blogging and Travel

  This week we will continue discussing Blogging and Travel. Last week's article provided tips for keeping your blog updated while you're on vacation. I believe it is always best to limit time online while on vacation, but keeping a business running doesn't always provide that luxury. What if you want to Blog during your vacation? How do you blog on the go? First, you will need to take a laptop computer and/or an iPad while traveling . Using a Smart phone is also an option, but I have … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger

  There are three rules I follow when asking someone for something. 1) Think out your plan of action 2) Determine why you are the best choice 3) Create an impressive presentation If you really want to work with someone then you need to be the best. You have to lead by working hard and earning their trust. You have to win the job. Why? Well if you are going to run an event or contest or represent them at a conference they need to know they can trust you. They need to believe that you … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger

  Blogging is a 24/7, 365 day job. We don't get weekends, evenings or Holidays off. In fact, as I write this, it's 8:30pm on a Saturday night. Bloggers can be found posting, answering emails or interacting on social media while watching tv on the couch, in the car, at the park, during dinner, or anywhere else we can access the Internet. The deals and posts just keep coming & readers expect us to be "on" all the time. However, it's important to step away from the computer and take … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Screenshot and Screencast

  One of the handy tools in blogging to the ability to make a screenshot and a screencast. A screenshot is capturing something shown on your computer screen to a static image file. You are taking a snapshot (or picture) of your computer screen. A Screencast is capturing a recording of your computer screen accompanied by audio. The audio is a commentary of what is happening on the screen as it occurs. Once you have taken a Screenshot of your computer screen, you can crop the image (if … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Sponsor me

    We talk last week about how to make the most of the conference. We skipped a step how can you afford to go? We need to talk about how to get a sponsor.I actually budget for my conferences and I have set aside funds. I plan to pay my way unless I receive a sponsor. It is true in life that there isn't going to be an advertiser that asks you to take their money so you can grow your business. That is why you need to ask people. I know gulp. How do you ask someone to sponsor you? The first thing … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger

If you missed last weeks article we answered questions about moving your site. Amee wrote previously about Tips for a First Blogging Conference. But what do you do if your shy and worried you won't get enough out of the trip? While I've only attended 2 conferences, I have 3 tips that worked well for me (although people that don't know me may have no idea that I was actually quite talkative): 1. Room with someone you're comfortable with. If you will be sharing a room, make sure you are … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Cold Pitching

I was really nervous about cold pitching. Extremely nervous. Mainly because I did not want to just pitch a random company about a random product. I figured they would just turn me down. Why would they want to promote a product that has been successful for years? Then I read something somewhere about PRnewswire. I dug around the site (which is extremely confusing) and set myself up with daily emails for new and future products hitting the market. I also composed a standardized "pitch" template … [Read more...]