Water Bottle Craft – Encouragement

water bottle craft

Send Encouragement with this Water Bottle CraftI love surprising people with little gifts to show that they matter. Sometimes a person just needs a little encouragement to help get them thru a rough patch. I created this Encouragement Water Bottle Craft with some great pick-me up presents from my "Stock-Up" Presents Bin! Water Bottle Craft Instructions:Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container/You can also buy a reusable water bottle. Wash it out and remove the ...

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Water Bottle Craft: Baby Shower


Water Bottle Craft : Baby Shower EditionI just held a baby shower for my sister and with 90 guests attending we were on a tight budget. We cut corners to save and we will featuring those ideas later on this month. The one thing I absolutely had to do was come up with a unique gift idea that was budget friendly. Most of the time bags, paper, ribbons, and paper add to the price but when I seen our other Water Bottle Craft Ideas, I came up with one of my own. I created a simple Baby shower ...

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