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Win Visa Gift Cards Do you want to improve yourself? 5Star Concepts may be able to help you. Check them out for seminars or even webinars on how you can be on your way for a better personal development and growth. About Our Sponsor 5 STAR concepts is an organization whose mission is to help others become extraordinary. Through our online webinars, seminars and retreats we work with individuals with a desire for personal development and growth. Through the 5 STAR Concepts processes, … [Read more...]

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visa prepaid

Did you know that you can load your federal tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid Card? I only discovered this and it's very convenient. By loading your tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid card you can receive your refund faster than waiting for weeks to get a check in the mail and the best thing is you'll have the peace of mind that if your card is damaged or stolen you can easily have it replaced. To load your tax refund onto a Visa Prepaid card, all you need is a Visa Prepaid card, your card’s Account … [Read more...]