Why I shouldn’t talk on the phone and shop


    It is often said, "You can't do two things at once and be effective." I am usually quite good at multitasking. I will say there is one place where I always fail. I fail and I am left with my failure until the next year or season in this case.It was a quiet afternoon and my husband was home from a week away from travel. I did what any woman who needed to claim her sanity does and I fed the kids and kissed my husband and got out of the house. I just needed a break. I was at the place in ...

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Victoria Secret: So what is it?

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There are a lot of reasons to shop at Victoria Secret. I happen to love their underwear. I know to much information. I however learned my lesson. If you buy something there you need to fully unfold it or you may end up with underwear that says "your boyfriend say thank you" or something like that. This happened to me. I bought a pair of pink panties and ended up with a rather weird message on my bottom. We decided to give them to someone as a gag gift so they are in my gift closet. The secret is ...

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