Free Ultimate Cloth

A couple of days ago, we reviewed the Ultimate Cloth. I am so excited to tell you that you can now get your own Ultimate Cloth for FREE! All you have to do is become a fan of Ultimate Cloth on facebook or follow them on twitter. They will reveal how to get your free Ultimate Cloth via facebook and twitter. [ad#adesnse text link] … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Cloth: Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Ultimate Cloth. I am always looking for chemical free ways to clean. Especially since my children like to help me clean! I do not want my little ones using chemicals, but I surely enjoy their help. The Ultimate Cloth is made of MiraFiber and is chemical free. Basically you clean with water. Take the Ultimate Cloth, wet it, wring it out and wipe surfaces clean. Now I was sceptical. When I received the Ultimate Cloth in the mail, it looked like nothing more … [Read more...]