Pretty Little Liars is Back!

The new season of Pretty Little Liars has aired on Monday 1/2/12, were you able to watch it? If you remember the summer season finale ended with a revelation that Dr. Sullivan is alive and that "A" handed her a mysterious envelope. Of course there's also our favorite girls who were caught up in a huge mess by being framed by "A" when they were caught with the "shovel", the murder weapon used to kill Alison. You can check out my summer season finale recap here. I am super excited to know how ...

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V: The Complete Second Season

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The V: The Complete Second Season is now out! Now is your chance to watch and re-watch your favorite episodes of V. This is available on DVD and on Blu-Ray. A reboot of the classic 198o's miniseries, V revolves around aliens who came to Earth. This stars Elizabeth Mitchell as as Erica Evans an FBI counter-terrorism agent, Morena Baccarin as Anna the alien queen, Scott Wolf as Chad Decker the tv anchor and alien spokesperson and more. This second season picks up where the first season finale ...

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